An important statement from the Abu Dhabi Police to all drivers

An important decision has been made for motorists and it was announced by the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters. This was done under the supervision of the Joint Committee for Traffic Safety in the emirate of Abu Dhabi and in conjunction with the Integrated Transport Center.

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These entities have begun collaborating with one another in order to implement the driver alert system, which consists of two types of colored lighting, namely "red and blue" and "yellow," on all of the major external roads in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. This is a part of the tireless efforts that these entities are making in order to achieve their strategic priorities of enhancing road security.

The motorist was found overtaking from the right in a reckless manner, overtaking vehicles using the shoulders of the road, and failing to maintain sufficient distance from vehicles in front. These harzardous driving behaviours were confusing other motorists and endangering their safety.

Alert drivers system

Alert drivers system in Abu Dhabi:

According to the driver alert system that was announced by the Abu Dhabi Police, the flashing lights are "red and blue" to alert drivers of the presence of a traffic accident on the road. On the other hand, the flashing lights are "yellow" to alert drivers of events to be alerted on the roads in volatile weather conditions such as fog, dust, and rain.

In addition, traffic officials said drivers must make sure to indicate when changing lanes, and must avoid using road shoulder, which is designated for emergency response vehicle use only.

Maintaining sufficient distance from vehicles in front is also a driving practice that helps prevent severe accidents, the police said.

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