UAE Launches Happiness SIM for Blue-Collar Workers

To acquire the Happiness SIM, access business service centers, guidance centers, or MoHRE's online services. As This unique SIM provides six months of complimentary data, cost-effective international call rates, and essential notifications from the Ministry, catering to the needs of blue-collar workers in the UAE.

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MoHRE and du Collaborate to Launch Happiness SIM

To launch the Happiness SIM, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) has partnered with du, a unit of the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC). Blue-collar workers can get distinct benefits from this particular SIM card at a low cost.

Acquiring the Happiness SIM

Blue-collar workers can obtain the Happiness SIM by visiting business service centers and guidance centers or by using MoHRE's online services when issuing or renewing work contracts. This SIM card comes with various advantages, including six months of complimentary data usage and reduced rates for international calls. Additionally, SIM holders will receive important notifications from MoHRE.

Ayesha Belharfia, MoHRE's Acting Undersecretary for Emiratisation Affairs and Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Affairs, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with du, emphasizing the alignment of this initiative with their mission to enhance the welfare of blue-collar workers in the UAE. By offering affordable and reliable connectivity, they aim to enable these workers to stay in touch with their loved ones and access essential services.

Fahad Al Hassawi, CEO of du, emphasized the importance of connectivity for workers in the UAE, especially blue-collar workers, to maintain connections with their families and friends.

The introduction of the Happiness SIM exemplifies their dedication to addressing the telecommunications requirements of this demographic, offering customized solutions that blend connectivity with affordability. The objective is to simplify the lives of blue-collar workers, whether they are newcomers or existing customers, and assist them in saving funds to support their families in their home countries.

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