UAE launches electronic platform to fight money laundering and counterfeiting

The government of the United Arab Emirates has taken a number of very important measures to address many serious economic crimes, and the government has launched an electronic platform to report these crimes that greatly affect the UAE economy.

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Platform for reporting economic crimes

Al-Shabikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Border Crossing Security Council, revealed the new platform for reporting economic crimes in the country in cooperation with all relevant agencies.

According to the statement published on the UAE government’s page on the Twitter social media platform, this platform aims to enhance community participation in the UAE to address economic crimes, which pose a major threat to the country’s economy.

The statement added that confronting this type of crime has become extremely important, and must be neutralized due to the negative repercussions it causes on society in general and on the UAE business and economic sector in particular.

A new window for receiving reports of economic crimes in the Emirates

As we mentioned, the platform aims to enhance interaction among citizens, residents, and visitors in the country, through a window to receive reports of economic crimes such as “money laundering, terrorist financing, and counterfeiting crimes,” in order to quickly deal with them.

The platform was officially launched in accordance with what was announced during the recent conference of the “Secretaries’ Forum,” which was held at the headquarters of the Mohammed bin Rashid Library, and the conference carried the slogan “Security is the pillar of the modern economy.”

Providing evidence of the violation

Among the conditions that must be taken into account when submitting reports of these violations is the need for the information to be correct and to provide proof of the commission of the violation and its perpetrators, while keeping jurisdiction completely limited to the authorities authorized to deal with reports submitted to the center.

It is worth noting that the Dubai Economic Security Center is specialized in coordinating with the relevant authorities to combat corruption and economic crimes, as one of the government agencies concerned with economic security in the emirate.

The Dubai Economic Security Center is also specialized in combating negative activities, practices and transactions that affect the emirate’s economy and resources.

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