The UAE announces 7 violations that require stopping “financial support” in the private sector

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It has been confirmed by the Emirates Competitiveness Council (NAFES) that a citizen who loses his job in the private sector and refuses to join any of the available job opportunities that have been provided to him will forfeit his right to receive the "NAFES" grant, which is also known as "unemployment benefit." The Council has identified seven violations of this rule. "Involvement in a case of sham settlement, and the failure of the beneficiary to join the work after issuing the work permit and the facility obtaining support from (NAFES), as well as failure to adhere to the vocational or rehabilitation training program," are the most significant reasons for this requirement. It is necessary to stop the financial support that is provided by "NAFES" to national cadres and to recover the amounts that have been disbursed to them. Given to him as a gift.

The United Arab Emirates Employment Competitiveness Program (NAFES) has confirmed, in greater detail, that the "unemployment aid" program, which is a temporary exceptional financial aid program, is only intended for national cadres who have lost their jobs for reasons that are beyond their control. This program is intended for citizens who have lost their jobs in the private sector or in one of the establishments licensed by the Central Bank. This social support is distributed at the rate of 7,000 dirhams per month for the citizen who lost his job, 4,500 dirhams per month for the husband or wife (provided that he or she does not work), and 2,400 dirhams per month for the first and second children. It is important to note that those individuals do not have a source of income, and it is the responsibility of the Council to determine the reasons for this. A monthly payment of 1,600 dirhams is required for the third kid, with a maximum of three children allowed.

On its official website, the Council stated that the maximum period of time that a citizen can benefit from the temporary support program is twelve months within a period of five years, provided that the period of time that a citizen can benefit from the support does not exceed six consecutive months during these years. The Council also emphasized the necessity for the citizen to whom assistance is decided to commit to conducting research. In the event that he does not participate in the work that has been offered to him, his right to help will be forfeited. This applies to work that is performed within the given time frame and with the support of the appropriate authorities.

To be eligible for "unemployment assistance," a citizen cadre must meet the following criteria, as stated by the Council: he must have the legal capacity to work; he must not be younger than 18 years old and not older than 60 years old; he must not be eligible for retirement; he must not be affiliated with the National Service Program; and he must not be a registered student. As part of a conventional educational establishment.

The conditions that must be met in order to receive this assistance are as follows: the applicant's income must not be higher than the value of the assistance (unemployment assistance), and if the applicant does not have any source of income, the assistance will be distributed to him in its entirety. If the applicant does have other sources of income, the value of the assistance will be reduced by the amount of the income, taking into account any income that the applicant receives from any commercial licenses or real estate revenues.

According to the Council, this short-term financial assistance is provided to male children until they attain the age of majority or begin working, and it is provided to female children until the date that they either marry or begin working. In addition, it is awarded to a female citizen whose spouse has passed away, or who provides financial support for her children that comes from her husband who is unable to earn a living, or from her husband who is unemployed. And also on behalf of her citizen children whom she supports from her deceased husband, or who are unable to earn, or who are unemployed, even if she is divorced from either of them, as long as she is the one providing support, enjoys the legal capacity to work, and the state of inability to earn is proven by a medical decision from an official medical authority, as proven by the fact that she is the one providing support. According to a declaration that was given by the female citizen, in the event that the husband does not work, in order to avoid being subject to liability, the declaration stated that the husband does not work in either the public or private sector.

While the Council specified a number of cases in which it is not permissible to obtain unemployment benefits, including proving that the person requesting the aid for his work for “moral reasons,” or as a result of violating the legislation in force in the country, or that he is a beneficiary of any financial social assistance program, whether for himself or herself. for his wife or children from federal or local authorities, with the exception of the compensation prescribed in accordance with the provisions of Federal Decree Law No. (13) of 2022 regarding “Unemployment Insurance,” stressing that the citizen is not entitled to unemployment benefit if he refuses to join a job opportunity that has been provided for him.

The Council also identified seven violations that require the financial support that is provided by "NAFES" to national cadres to be stopped and the amounts that have been disbursed to them to be recovered. These violations include "Involvement in a case of fictitious nationalization" and "submitting incorrect documents or data to obtain services or benefits related to (NAFES) or for the purposes of evasion." Or avoidance of the Emiratization system, as well as the beneficiary's failure to join the work after the work permit has been issued and the establishment receiving support from (Nafis), as well as the beneficiary's irregularity in working for the establishment after joining, as well as the beneficiary's interruption of work, and failure to report any change that occurs in the conditions of benefit without a reason that is acceptable to him. the failure to comply to the vocational or rehabilitative program that has been prescribed for the citizen, and finally, the Council.

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