Shopping malls in Dubai are witnessing a high turnout with the launch of "big discounts"

Shopping malls in Dubai witnessed a huge turnout with the launch of the "3 Days of Big Discounts" event, organized by the Dubai Festivals and retail establishments, which continues until May 28, during which participating malls and stores offer discounts of up to 90% on products and brands in several sectors, most notably clothing, electronics, shoes, furniture, and cosmetics.

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Following the event to prepare for the summer holidays allowed many families to buy holiday season supplies early, customers told the newspaper "Emirates Today" during a tour of the participating centers, calling for the offers to be extended or other additional offers to be made during the upcoming period to allow for more room for purchase.

In response, two representatives from the retail industry stated that the focus of the turnout is on apparel, electronics, and footwear products. They also noted that the weekend and keeping up with the offers around the time of salary delivery helped the turnout at the stores.

Offers 3 days of great discounts in Dubai:

Muhammad Faisal, a customer, explained that by providing offers for "3 days of major discounts" within the current time frame, it was feasible to get supplies for the summer holiday season in advance, particularly about clothing, footwear, and fragrances.

Ibrahim Abdulaziz, a customer, claimed that the offers gave him and his family the chance to buy travel essentials during the summer vacation at a discount. He called for extending these offers or offering additional offers during the ensuing periods to give more time for shopping in conjunction with holiday and travel preparations.

In addition to the fact that some families may be preoccupied with final test preparations, he pointed out that some families would not be able to buy all of their essentials in just three days.

The launch of offers coincided with the preparation period for the summer and holiday seasons:

Additionally, Samira Hassan, a customer, acknowledged that the availability of significant discounts has made it one of the crucial times for people to purchase items for their families. This is strikingly clear from the high demand for retail spaces.

She acknowledged the significance of timing offers to coincide with the period of preparation for the summer and holidays, but she felt that the most crucial thing was to extend or even increase the number of offers during the upcoming period to give families more flexibility in when they could shop.

The most prominent centers participating in the major discount offers in Dubai:

Major discount offers are available in several malls in Dubai, most notably: "Mall of the Emirates", "City Center Mirdif", "Dubai Festival City Mall", "Dubai Festival Plaza", "Nakheel Mall", "Ibn Battuta Mall", "Circle Mall", "Mercato Mall", "Town Center", "City Center Deira", "City Center museum", "city center Al Shindagha", "Bluewaters", "City Walk", "The Outlet Village".

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