Expats in the UAE paying rent and bills by streaming games online

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Streaming games online allows expats in the United Arab Emirates to pay their rent and utilities.

Learn about a UAE expat who streams games online in order to pay their rent and utilities.

The UAE expat who converted his passion for gaming into a job tells the story, "I pay my rent by streaming games."

An expat in the Emirates paying rent by streaming games online

This is not your typical gamer, as Arshiya Faraghat, also known as @xArshyy, is.

She has turned her passion for gaming into a successful job that not only pays the bills but also provides for her family and friends. She has 9,100 followers on Twitch.

Arshiya was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, and her abilities as a gamer began at a young age, thanks to the influence of her gamer father and sister.

She immersed herself in a world where her aspirations became a reality, beginning with her very first system, the Sega Genesis, and continuing to the most recent trends.

She had no idea that having a passion for something would lead to her experiencing a rollercoaster ride of achievement. "Streaming games online opened up a whole new world of opportunities," Arshiya said in an interview with Khaleej Times.

I am now able to pay my rent and my utility bills without having to leave the convenience of my own home. It's nothing short of living out your wildest dreams!

It was five years ago when Arshiya first began her Twitch channel, which marked the beginning of her path from a casual gamer to a successful streaming sensation. As she demonstrated her abilities in a wide variety of exciting games, such as Dark Souls, Apex Legends, and Cuphead, she was able to achieve financial stability thanks to the support of her devoted following.

All things considered, her narrative did not end there. When Arshiya was asked to participate in a casting call for Hearthstone, she immediately began live streaming on a number of other website platforms. At the same time that she was embarking on a path that would propel her into the spotlight, she was experiencing a mixture of nerves and exhilaration.

When I think about it, I still pinch myself," Arshiya added. "I still pinch myself." "From hosting the electrifying Girls Game Gala in Pixoul Abu Dhabi to being sponsored by powerhouse brands like Mentos, Apple, and Nivea, my gaming adventure has been nothing short of extraordinary."

Arshiya is a formidable competitor in the world of e-sports, taking on a variety of roles with ease and becoming a force to be reckoned with. She is not only able to continue to captivate audiences as a Twitch streamer on a part-time basis, but she also demonstrates her experience as an e-sports broadcast talent and serves as the content and community manager for Four04 E-sports.

There is more to her desires than that. Recently, Arshiya has taken on the position of an e-sports instructor at Estars. In this capacity, she shares her expertise and enthusiasm with students who are interested in obtaining certified e-sports instruction.

Arshiya's personal life has also been impacted by gaming, which has occurred concurrently with the continued rise of her star. After meeting her husband, who is also a gamer, through League of Legends, the couple now has a daughter, whom they hope will continue on their history as professional players from generation to generation.

The path that Arshiya has travelled is illustrative of the boundless potential that are available in the game business. She is not simply playing video games; rather, she is redefining what it means to be a gaming superstar by virtue of her unflinching dedication, her entrepreneurial energy, and her ability to parlay her love into a thriving job.

Consequently, if you believe that gaming is nothing more than a pastime, you are mistaken. The story of Arshiya demonstrates that it has the potential to be a passport to a world of excitement, prosperity, and a future in which one pays rent.

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