U.S. Investment Visa with Payment Plan.. All you need to know

An exclusive session on the US Golden Visa EB-5 Immigrant Investor program is being held by the American Legal Center. By making a safe investment of $800,000 in projects that the U.S. government has already approved, investors can take advantage of this amazing opportunity and guarantee their residency in the country.

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Unlocking the U.S. Golden Visa Opportunity

Renowned Dubai-based U.S. licensed attorney and EB-5 specialist, Shai Zamanian, is a distinguished speaker at this event. With over a decade of experience in helping GCC families achieve U.S. residency through investments, he emphasizes the program's significance, particularly for families aspiring to send their children to U.S. schools. Zamanian notes that "most of our clients in Dubai opt for this program to secure a brighter future for their children." Upon program approval, the U.S. government takes care of tuition, books, housing, and all student-related expenses.

A Safer Path to U.S. Migration

With the U.S. immigration landscape becoming increasingly challenging, especially with programs like the H1-B visa for skilled workers, many are turning to the certainty offered by investment-based opportunities. Beyond residency, the program grants investors and qualifying dependents employment authorization, liberating them from the constraints of employment sponsorships.

Furthermore, students seeking higher education in U.S. universities won't be classified as international students, greatly improving their chances of acceptance. They also gain access to free education and government grants.

New Program Advancements

Recent changes in the EB-5 program have made it even more appealing. The EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 introduced bonus set-aside visas, expediting processing times. Previously, Indian nationals faced substantial waiting periods due to program oversubscription. However, the introduction of a new category of EB-5 Golden Visas has eliminated these extensive delays. Recent data shows that petitions from Indian nationals have been approved in under a year.

For added flexibility, payment plans are available, allowing clients to initiate their EB-5 applications with an investment of $200,000, relocate to the U.S., and invest the remaining amount according to the plan's terms.

If you've been contemplating U.S. relocation, this seminar is a must-attend. The expert team will provide comprehensive information on the application process, investment requirements, and the myriad benefits of participating in the U.S. Golden Visa program.

To secure your spot at the seminar, reach out to The American Legal Center at +971 52 446 6095 or email [email protected].

Please note that punctuality is key, as late arrivals won't be admitted to the event. For further inquiries about this seminar or upcoming events, don't hesitate to contact The American Legal Center team for assistance.

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