‏Urgent.. Suspension of flights to these destinations

‏We publish the information received about travel disruption and suspension at a number of airports in order to enable citizens and residents of the UAE and other countries to search for an alternative in case they are traveling to these destinations to which travel has been suspended.

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At early on Saturday, aircraft were halted at three airports in the Russian capital as Russia declared that it had prevented a drone attack on Moscow.

Marched in Istra

Moscow A drone was shot down by air defence systems over the Moscow suburb of Istra, according to Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

The drone was reportedly travelling in the direction of Moscow, according to the Russian news source "Tass".

According to Sobyanin, no one was hurt during the downing of the drone.

Despite the attack being stopped, three airports in Russia had their incoming and outgoing aircraft suspended:

Airport of Vnukovo

Domodedovo Airport Sheremetyevo Airport

Russian media reports that the three airports' airspace has been restricted.

Additionally, Ukraine frequently launches drone assaults against the Russian capital without directly claiming responsibility.

Flights at Moscow airports were temporarily halted as a result of recent Ukrainian strikes on Moscow, the most recent of which occurred three days ago.

After an attack by a Ukrainian drone that targeted a train station in the city of Kursk in western Russia and crashed into the roof of a train station, resulting in a fire, the Russian authorities decided to suspend work at the "Vnukovo" and "Domodedovo" airports in Moscow last Sunday. as a result, 5 people suffered minor injuries from glass fragments.

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