Philippines introduces new Covid-19 travel rule for expats

In alignment with relaxed Covid-19 restrictions, the Philippine government has introduced a fresh regulation for travelers entering and exiting the country.

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Philippine Travel Rules Updated Amid Eased Covid-19 Measures

Notably, Filipino expatriates and international passengers are no longer mandated to present Covid-19 vaccine certificates at airports, as conveyed by an advisory published in the state-affiliated Philippine News Agency (PNA).

The Philippines' Department of Health (DOH) Statement

The Philippines' Department of Health (DOH) affirmed that all arriving international travelers will be received without regard to their vaccination status. However, departing travelers may encounter varying vaccination prerequisites.

The DOH advised travelers to carefully research the particular criteria of their destination country. The requirements of the relevant agency or employer will determine whether overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and sailors are eligible for the international certificate of vaccination for prophylaxis for yellow fever vaccine and other vaccinations.

In a significant development, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr officially terminated the state of public health emergency attributed to Covid-19 in July. This reflects a notable milestone as the country progressively adapts to evolving circumstances.

The adjusted travel measures underscore the Philippine government's ongoing commitment to safeguarding public health while adapting to changing conditions in the ongoing fight against the pandemic.

As The updated travel regulations reflect the Philippines' unwavering commitment to ensuring public health and adapting strategies to address the dynamic challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic.

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