Best scores to study in Australia

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There is no need for you to look any farther because we have produced a list to assist you in selecting the proper major for your future studies, and you can use this list immediately! It's conceivable that making a decision will be difficult and nerve-wracking for you, but regardless of the hobbies and interests you have, it's crucial to take into consideration how marketable your degree will be in the future.

Best scores to study in Australia

Discover which degrees can help you obtain employment in the foreseeable future by reading on!.

study in Australia

1- Nursing

  • 72.7% of recent grads have a full-time job.
  • Example of a Degree
  • Nursing (ACU, WSU, UC, UNE, UON, UTS) Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Nursing/Bachelor of Science (USYD)

If you're interested in making a difference in people's lives and in the world at large, a degree in nursing is one of the best ways to get started. Critical care, mental health, senior care, paediatrics, and operating rooms are just few of the specialisations open to nurses with advanced degrees.

The majority of nursing curricula also require students to take part in clinical placement programmes where they can gain valuable work experience before graduating and entering the workforce. Nurses can find employment in a variety of settings, including those dedicated to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, clinical research, trauma and emergency care, and the public and private sectors of the healthcare industry.

2- Business and Management

  • 74.3% of recent grads have a full-time job.
  • Example of a Degree
  • Accounting Bachelor's degree (UNE, UTS, Monash)
  • Actuarial Studies Bachelor's Degree (UNSW, MQ, ANU)
  • ACU's bachelor's in accounting and finance
  • Finance Applied Bachelor (MQ)
  • (WSU, Monash, UTS, Griffith) Bachelor of Business

Universities in Australia provide a wide range of degrees, including ones in business and management. Whatever degree you decide to pursue, you will gain a variety of financial management skills that are highly valued in the current economic climate, making some of these the most employable degrees.

Portfolio management, accounting, taxes, financial modeling, derivative pricing, and strategic planning are some of these talents. Studying business and management paves the way for careers in a variety of industries, including market research, forensic accounting, corporate finance, and company management.

3- Law and Paralegal Studies

  • 75.7 percent of graduates have a full-time employment.
  • Example of a Degree
  • Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Accounting (WSU)
  • Law Degree Combination (USYD)
  • Law and Applied Finance Bachelor's Degree (MQ)
  • University of Washington double bachelor's degrees in arts and law

You can develop the knowledge and abilities necessary to operate in the legal sector by studying law and/or paralegal courses. By doing this, you'll be able to practise law in a morally and socially responsible manner.

The majority of law degrees address a variety of legal topics, such as intellectual property law, contract law, public law, human rights law, and media law. In the event that you decide to work as a lawyer, court administrator, property conveyancer, paralegal, etc., they also assist you in developing the critical thinking, logic, and creativity needed to address real-world legal challenges.

4- Veterinary Studies

  • 78.2% of recent grads have a full-time job.
  • Example of a Degree
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine/Bachelor of Veterinary Biology (USYD)
  • Veterinary Technology Bachelor (CSU)
  • Animal and Veterinary Biosciences Bachelor (LTU)

Studying veterinary medicine equips you with the fundamental and practical understanding of both domestic and wild animals needed to improve their care. In a variety of fields, including biotechnology, animal physiology, genetics, microbiology, and ecology, you will explore animal health.

Many degrees allow for hands-on learning, and some colleges even have their own wildlife sanctuaries or internship programmes that put you in direct touch with animals. You might pursue a variety of occupations by studying veterinary science, such as national parks and wildlife services officer, reproductive technologist (human and animal), researcher in biosecurity, veterinarian, and public health policymaker.

5- Dentistry

  • 80.0% of graduates hold a full-time position.
  • Example of a Degree
  • (USYD) Bachelor of Science/Dental Medicine Doctor
  • (CSU) Bachelor of Dental Science
  • Griffith University Bachelor of Dental Health Science
  • dental science bachelor's degree with honours (UQ)

While there are relatively few institutions in New South Wales that provide degrees in dentistry, when they do, they often grant graduates with instant professional recognition, allowing them to begin practising dentistry right away. The study of teeth and oral health is obviously a focus of dentistry, and degrees in the field call for hands-on experience with dental tools.

It is one of the few medical degrees where admission does not depend on GAMSAT scores. Although the degree usually takes 5-7 years to complete, it is one of Australia's most marketable degrees.

Top Australian Universities

  1. The Australian National University
  2. The University of Melbourne
  3. The University of Sydney
  4. The University of New South Wales
  5. The University of Queensland
  6. Monash University
  7. The University of Western Australia
  8. The University of Adelaide
  9. University of Technology Sydney
  10. University of Wollongong
  11. Curtin University
  12. The University of Newcastle
  13. Macquarie University
  14. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  15. Queensland University of Technology
  16. Deakin University
  17. Griffith University
  18. The University of Tasmania
  19. Swinburne University of Technology
  20. The University of South Australia

monash university bachelor of science (Degree with Honours)

The Bachelor of Science (Degree with Honours) is a one-year programme for individuals who have excelled academically and want to further their education. It is a stepping stone to more advanced studies in graduate study, such as a PhD.

Integrate your undergraduate education with postgraduate study in a specific field, all while working on an intriguing piece of original research.

The degree will improve your capacity to conduct sophisticated research and analyse data in order to develop and test new ideas. Depending on your specialisation, you can specialise in one (pure honours) or two (mixed honours).

This additional year of study, in addition to your three-year Bachelor of Science degree, is intended to prepare you for graduate research degrees (Doctor of Philosophy or Master of Philosophy). Honours allows you to develop advanced research, analytical, and communication abilities, as well as gain more experience working on individual projects. It can also cut the time it takes to complete several Masters degrees at the University of Melbourne by up to a year.

Students who have achieved a Bachelor of Science degree within the last 10 years are eligible for this degree.

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