Suspending work visas for unskilled workers in the UAE

numerous expatriates in the UAE have revealed a big and unexpected setback, mainly expatriates of Pakistani origin, as numerous unconfirmed reports imply the suspension of work visas for unskilled workers from Pakistan.

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There are about 10% of Pakistani expatriates in the UAE only, and after the recent decision, the reasons for which have not yet been revealed, many job seekers from Pakistan have become in a state of great anxiety.

Bad news for job seekers in the UAE

According to what was announced by one of the overseas employment associations in Pakistan, which expressed its deep concern, stressing that this step is very bad for those seeking work opportunities in the UAE.

It is also worth noting that the UAE Immigration Department suddenly implemented the ban, which led to the rejection of work applications. Pakistan's working class, already grappling with economic challenges, is expected to bear the brunt of this new policy.

Financial transfers amount to more than $450 million from workers in the Emirates

It is also worth noting that Pakistan receives more than $450 million in financial transfers from the United Arab Emirates every month. Sudden restrictions on unskilled work visas could jeopardize the livelihoods of many Pakistani workers and their families.

It is also noteworthy that this major development regarding work visas comes in the wake of the United Arab Emirates imposing a ban on Dubai visit visas for residents of 20 countries, citing concerns about overstaying and illegal work activities.

Conducting checks for visa applicants

According to recent reports, specific background checks will be conducted on Pakistani visa applicants, adding to the concerns of the expatriate community.

Pakistani expatriates are the most numerous in the UAE

It is also worth noting that the Pakistani diaspora in the UAE is one of the largest and most prominent expatriate populations, with a long history of traveling for job and better living conditions.

Although several Pakistani officials refuted the news and allegations, the current situation raises fears about the future of Pakistani workers in the Gulf region.

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