WhatsApp web | This is the true meaning of the new app icon

You can already secure your chats with a fingerprint lock via an in-app option in the WhatsApp client for Android. This ensures that your personal messages remain private even if your phone is stolen. However, many users prefer to use WhatsApp Web on their computers, where the chats may not be as secure without sufficient protection. WhatsApp Web is now addressing this with a new option to protect your chats with a password.

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When a user logs into his account in the web version, he will see the primary list of his chats as well as the icons located at the top next to the profile photo, which are: communities, statuses, and contacts.

The bubble icon is located between the first two described above. This is the 'Channels' area of WhatsApp, a new feature that allows users to interact with the latest news on topics of interest to them. When a person gains access, they can go to the 'Search channels' section and join the one they want.

  • As a result, you can set up a WhatsApp channel.
  • Navigate to 'News'.
  • Then, search for 'Create Channel' and click it.
  • Immediately after that, specify your name and profile photo for use in the discussion.
  • Distribute the URL so that all contacts can see what has been published.

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How do you exit a WhatsApp channel?

It is a good alternative for content makers or people looking for help with their enterprises. This function is suitable for people who want to receive information generated by organisations or individuals in a secure and private manner.

So that the media, government organisations, influencers, and content providers can create their own channel through which they can transmit information in a unidirectional manner.

This has piqued the interest of users who want to learn more about WhatsApp channels; however, if a user becomes bored or simply wants to leave the space, there is an option that allows them to do so without difficulty.

How do you exit a WhatsApp channel?

If you accidentally entered a WhatsApp channel or want to stop receiving notifications, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the channel that you want to exit.
  2. Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  3. You will notice numerous alternatives when the menu lowers down.
  4. Choose the "Stop following" option.
  5. Now you can see that I leave the channel satisfied.
  6. Remember that the same procedure applies to the other channels.

Why don't they show up, and how can I view the WhatsApp'Channels'?

Some users may encounter errors while attempting to use the new feature. Here are the actions to take if a more personalised experience is still not possible.

  • Enter the Google Play or App Store and upgrade the app to the most recent version.
  • If the option does not appear automatically, the user must slide down the screen.
  • It must be confirmed if the requested update is permitted in the country.
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