Warning from the UAE Public Prosecution to protect against counterfeit currency fraud

the public prosecution in the uae orders the imprisonment of a gang that promotes counterfeit currencies

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Warning from the Public Prosecution of the UAE to be on the lookout for fraudulent activities involving counterfeit cash

The Public Prosecution in the Emirates issued a warning a few hours ago to protect against fraud involving counterfeit currency, as the security authorities have recently been able to arrest a gang that promotes counterfeit currencies and exchanges them for genuine currencies from victims. The warning was made because the security authorities were recently able to arrest the gang.

The Public Prosecution in the UAE orders the imprisonment of a gang that promotes counterfeit currencies

A group that is responsible for the distribution of counterfeit currency is sentenced to prison by the Public Prosecution in the UAE, The Federal Capital Prosecution Office has initiated an investigation into a group of defendants who are committing fraud against individuals by advertising counterfeit currencies on social media platforms under the pretense that they are authentic currencies and offering discounts of up to fifty percent of the value of the genuine currency.

Warning against those promoting counterfeit currencies on social media

Caution is warranted in the case of individuals who promote fake currencies on social media, According to the findings of the investigations, the defendants advertised via social media the availability of frozen or suspended currencies and made them available to anybody who wished to receive them in exchange for discounts on the fundamental price of up to fifty percent. When the victim contacts with them, a pick-up and delivery location is sent, and then their colleagues from the internal gang structure come and make the delivery. The victim passed off counterfeit currency, was paid back in the appropriate numbers of UAE dirhams, and then ran away from the scene. The fact that the victim had been a victim of fraud and that his money had been substituted with counterfeit papers came as a complete surprise to the victim.

The Public Prosecution explains how to protect against counterfeit currency fraud

The Public Prosecution gives advice on how to avoid being a victim of fraud involving counterfeit banknotes, The Public Prosecution urges members of the public to obtain currencies and exchange them with licensed authorities. They also encourage people not to obey or trust what certain people fraudulently promote on social media, which is directed at people who are interested in becoming wealthy rapidly.

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