drivers in Emirates face 5 offences around schools with fines up to 100 dirhams

The United Arab Emirates Traffic Department uncovered infractions committed by cars near schools in the Emirates and cautioned violators of these violations, which amount to a fine of around 100 dirhams.

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According to UAE Traffic, the top five offenses committed by drivers in the vicinity of schools include failing to come to a complete stop while opening the "stop" lever, random parking of parents' vehicles, or private drivers of vehicles carrying kids.

obstruction of traffic by standing in the middle of the road or behind other vehicles and making it difficult for drivers to pass. Additionally, try to avoid driving at high speeds near educational institutions.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Traffic Department issued a warning to all responsible authorities, security and police agencies concerned with traffic safety in the UAE, coinciding with the beginning of the new academic year and the return of students to their respective educational institutions.

And the UAE traffic added negative behaviours committed by those who wander on the road, as they ignore road safety instructions while transporting children to schools, and cause obstruction of traffic and traffic, by standing randomly or standing behind other vehicles.

and not taking into account other drivers, which is a renewed phenomenon with Every academic year, "noting that the Federal Traffic and Traffic Law punishes the violation of parking behind vehicles, which is a renewed phenomenon with Every academic year, "noting that the Federal Traffic and Traffic Law punishes the violation of parking

It also urged the UAE Traffic Department to adhere to a full stop when opening the "stop" side arm of school buses in both directions, with a distance of no less than five metres, to ensure that students pass safely and securely.

noting that the fine for the driver failing to stop when seeing the "stop" signal for transport buses is a fine of up to AED 50,000. Students cost 1,000 dirhams and 10 traffic points. The fine for failing to open the "stop" signal by the school bus driver is 500 dirhams and six traffic points.

The Implications of Driving Without a Driving Licence in the UAE

Driving without a licence is a criminal violation in the UAE, according to the authorities. If a driver is detected driving without a licence in the UAE, he or she may face serious legal consequences such as substantial fines, jail, and even deportation, depending on the gravity of the offence.

According to UAE traffic legislation, anyone driving without a licence faces a fine of up to AED 6,000 and has their vehicle detained for 60 days. If the offence is committed again, the fine will be doubled, and the driver will be imprisoned for up to three months. In extreme circumstances, authorities may deport the driver.

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