Urgent UAE: Warnings and instructions for vehicle drivers from the Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior has released guidelines for students who commute to their educational institutions using school buses. These guidelines stipulate that students should arrive at the designated bus waiting area five minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time of the bus. Additionally, students are advised to refrain from engaging in any activities that may divert the attention of the bus driver.

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The bus supervisors were also provided with instructions, which included ensuring that the bus was free of students after the trip, maintaining a tranquil environment during the journey to and from school, assisting students during boarding and disembarking, and monitoring students while they were on the bus.
The speaker emphasized the importance of ongoing efforts to secure the safety of kids. They urged for a collective commitment from all stakeholders, including families, schools, educational and administrative entities, as well as school bus supervisors and drivers, to implement preventive measures and safety protocols for the well-being of students.

The awareness campaign titled "Our Children are Trustworthy."

At the commencement of the upcoming academic year, the Ministry initiated a comprehensive awareness campaign titled "Our Children are Trust." This campaign involves the active involvement of the nation's traffic departments, with the primary objective of safeguarding the well-being of school students and staff by mitigating the risks they encounter. The campaign aims to establish a traffic accident-free environment, ensuring the safety and security of all individuals within the school community.
The individual disclosed the execution of strategies aimed at enhancing preparedness measures, fortifying school gates, striving for improved road conditions, and boosting awareness campaigns targeting drivers and bus supervisors.
The Abu Dhabi Police have issued a directive to school bus drivers, emphasizing the importance of adhering to specified stopping areas. The drivers are asked to provide students with sufficient time to board the buses, occupy their seats, and ensure their safe disembarkation before commencing their journey. Additionally, drivers are reminded to discourage children from approaching the buses until they have departed from the vicinity.
She urged them to refrain from exceeding the speed limit while operating the bus, to adopt proactive measures to ensure safe driving in foggy conditions, to maintain a sufficient distance from other vehicles, and to consistently activate the "Stop" side lever when students embark and disembark.
Additionally, she emphasized the importance of families being vigilant during the transportation of their children to educational institutions. It was advised that children under the age of ten should not occupy the front seats, and parents should assist them in safely crossing the street. Furthermore, it was recommended that designated parking areas at schools be utilized to prevent traffic congestion. Lastly, parents were encouraged to educate their children on proper methods of embarking and I am currently on the bus.

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