Urgent UAE: Warning vehicle drivers of traffic fines of up to 1000 dirhams and deducting 10 traffic points

The CEO of the "Saed Association" to prevent road accidents, Dr. Jamal Al-Amiri, a traffic expert, issued a warning to motorists about five significant infractions they commit when driving near schools.

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The infractions were listed as failing to stop completely when the "stop" arm was opened, parking parents' cars or private drivers' cars in random spots while they were transporting students, standing in the middle of the road or front of other cars, obstructing traffic, and exceeding the posted speed limits close to schools.
Al-Amiri stated to "Emirates Today" that "the responsible authorities, police agencies, and strategic partners concerned with traffic safety are renewing calls and warnings to ensure adherence to the highest standards of safety and safe driving on the roads, to preserve of our children." This is in connection with "the start of the new academic year, and the return of our students to their schools."

Negative roadside behaviors.

He continued, "There are negative scenes and behaviors drivers, as they disobey road safety instructions while transporting children to schools, and obstruct traffic and traffic by standing haphazardly or behind other vehicles, and not taking into consideration other drivers, which is a renewed phenomenon with every academic year," pointing out that the Federal Traffic and Traffic Law punishes the violation of parking behind ve
To ensureudents pass safely and securely, he also reminded drivers that they must stop completely when opening the "stop" side arm of school buses in both directions, with a distance of at least five meters also that failing to stop when a driver sees the "stop" signal for a school bus transporting students will result in a fine of 1,000 dirhams fiche school bus driver was fined 500 dirhams and given six penalty points for failing to open the "stop" sign.
Al-Amiri emphasized road users' cooperation in attaining smooth traffic around schools, emphasizingtance of following traffic laws, and aining from halting vehicles at random or recklessly driving near school studentsl roads leading to schools.
To prevent recommendedrom droppingsschool entrances in the proper manner. He emphasizedldren under the age of ten should not be permitted to sit in the front seats, that parking spaces at schools should be used to avoid obstructing traffic, that adults should help children cross the street, and that children should not play in the street while waiting for buses. • Calls and warnings are renewed in conjunction with the beginning of the new academic year to ensure adherence to the highest standards of safety and safe driving on the roads.

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