Urgent UAE: The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship renews one-year residency, renewable for these

Brigadier Saeed Rakan Al-Rashdi, the interim director general of foreign affairs and ports at the federal authority for identity and citizenship, said that citizens of nations experiencing war or natural disasters are eligible to extend their residency in the country for an additional year.

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According to the "Protect Yourself... By Modifying Your Status" initiative, once they have a one-year residency, they can look for work, change their status, and transfer their residency to other parties. However, Ali emphasized that this situation depends on the persistence of the unfavorable conditions in their home countries that were the basis for granting them residency. the work.
Several citizens of nations experiencing war and political unrest were granted residency for a year. The "Facilitation" centers have received several requests for this category since the initiative's start on August 1st, and the pertinent authorities have given them with all facilities so they may finish their transactions quickly.

The "Protect Yourself.. By Adjusting Your Status" initiative's recipients confirmed that it provided a lifeline for numerous humanitarian cases who were unable to return to their home countries due to the unpredictability of the political and security situation. This humanitarian initiative is a reflection of the UAE's ongoing desire to assist others and lend a helping hand.

The UAE is eager to help the distressed, relieve the distressed, and assist every needy person, as well as to confirm its eagerness to provide stability and a decent life, according to Brigadier General Saeed Rakan Al Rashidi, who said that the Cabinet's decision to grant nationals of countries suffering from wars and disasters a one-year residency in the country embodies this. According to this ruling, nationals of nations experiencing natural disasters or armed conflict are granted residence for one year while being completely exempt from the residency requirements set forth by the authority, in addition to being exempt from fines for violations.

He exhorted the citizens of the nations excluded from the Cabinet's decision to grant them residency in the nation for a year to take advantage of this decision by applying to the customer happiness centers dispersed throughout the nation to modify their conditions.
As they won't need to review the centers that the authority has set up for violators, he continued, the procedures related to this category are carried out according to the usual method, through the window of electronic channels provided by the authority through the "facilitation" printing offices. He also noted that this category won't be allowed to work unless her sponsorship is transferred to the employer.

State-run services offered to inhabitants and residents.

He claimed that granting residents of some nations experiencing war and natural dis.asters, such as Yemen, Syria, and Libya, residency status for a year entitles them to the treatment and educational benefits offered by the government to citizens and residents, particularly for young people who must attend school or the elderly who require medical care.
Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship officials emphasized the significance of the initiative in eradicating the phenomenon of violators and achieving the desired outcomes, noting that amending the status of residency violators will allow them to live their lives normally, including by working, leaving the country, remaining legally, residing in the nation, and naturally accessing treatment services.
They stressed the significance of being aware of the steps involved in modifying a violator's status, explaining that those who want to look for work and obtain a six-month residency must first visit reception centers for violators at the state level to be exempt from fines before proceeding to a facilitation center to submit the transaction and finish the steps. and enrollment in the online labor market.

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