Urgent UAE: Saving passengers from death at Dubai Airport

The team from the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services stationed at Dubai International Airport demonstrated their ability to promptly respond and effectively handle emergency situations, resulting in the successful rescue of three passengers from diverse nationalities within a span of 24 hours.

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The medical teams were notified of an individual lying on the ground within Airport Terminal 3. The emergency medical crew promptly initiated their response and commenced administering initial medical assistance within a minute. Upon completion of the assessment of vital signs and the administration of an electrocardiogram (ECG), it became evident that the patient had experienced a cardiac arrest, prompting the initiation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The team diligently administered essential medical attention to the patient until his pulse and respiration were effectively revived, after which he was subsequently brought to the hospital.
In the second scenario, the emergency medical team promptly attended to a critical situation within the departures building. The team demonstrated a commendable response time of two minutes, enabling them to administer immediate first aid to a passenger experiencing a cardiac event.
The successful execution of prompt procedures and utilization of state-of-the-art medical technology facilitated the resuscitation process, resulting in the restoration of the patient's pulse and respiration.
In the third instance, the cessation of a traveler's cardiac activity occurred within the travel procedures vicinity of Terminal 1. The ambulance team promptly executed emergency protocols with commendable expertise, resulting in the restoration of the individual's pulse and respiration. Subsequently, the patient was promptly transported to a medical facility for further treatment.
According to Mishal Abdul Karim Julfar, the Executive Director of the Foundation, the Foundation's state-of-the-art devices and equipment, ongoing advancements, and endeavors to enhance survival rates enable it to deliver ambulance services of exceptional quality. This capability reflects the Emirate of Dubai's commitment to prioritizing the safety of its visitors.

The allocation of 17 emergency sites to cover the airports in Dubai.

The speaker stated that the Corporation has designated 17 emergency points across Dubai airports. These points are staffed with specialized ambulance crews who have received training on the latest devices and equipment. The purpose of these emergency points is to ensure the delivery of high-quality ambulance services at the airport. It is worth noting that Dubai Airport is renowned for its extensive facilities and infrastructure, which enable it to handle and cater to a significant number of travelers each year, reaching tens of millions.
Mishal Julfar commended the dedication and expertise exhibited by the ambulance crews stationed at the airport, as well as their evident commitment to fulfilling the organization's objectives in safeguarding the well-being and security of travelers and visitors. This commendable display of humanitarian values aligns with the prominent ethos of the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services.
The author highlights the proactive approach of the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services in fostering collaborations with private entities in the healthcare sector, emphasizing its role within the comprehensive healthcare system.

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