Urgent UAE: Private schools ban unhealthy meals

Students attending private schools in the northern emirates have been cautioned against bringing unhealthy food and drinks to school. This includes soft drinks and fast food.

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it made sure to mention that they would not have to pay for any of their hydration needs while utilising her study and leisure facilities.

it went on to say that the existing food canteens provide nutritious meals and juices and are subject to constant monitoring by the relevant authorities. This encourages students to abstain from consuming meals that have not been adequately controlled or carrying energy drinks and soft drinks, as evidenced by the fact that they refused to receive the "delivery" workers or allow meals to enter the school. She also mentioned that the students did not allow meals to be brought into the school.

Private schools ban unhealthy meals
Private schools

Private schools ban unhealthy meals

it went on to explain that she would not permit students to order food from outside the school while classes were in session and that she would seize any soft drinks or energy drinks that were brought into the school by the student.

When it comes to their part, the public health department in Ras Al Khaimah Municipality has established the requirements for the preparation of healthy meals for children, pointing out the necessity of planning in advance the weekly shopping list in order to prepare meals for students before they leave to school.

it went over with the class some of the fundamentals of food safety that should be considered when going grocery shopping. These include separating meat and poultry from the rest of the food in the shopping cart, placing raw food in bags that are airtight, placing refrigerated and frozen food in the shopping cart immediately before the payment process, and ensuring that perishable food is stored in the refrigerator within two hours of purchase.

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