Urgent UAE: New and distinctive services from WhatsApp in the UAE

The new rapid video message feature, "Voice messages with instant video technology," has been made available through the WhatsApp instant messaging program in the UAE.

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Users of the WhatsApp app told Emirates Today that they had begun utilizing the new function, which allows users to create their movies and share them immediately in the chat window using WhatsApp.

They clarified that a video clip can be shot for a maximum of 60 seconds and mentioned that both Android and iPhone phones support the new functionality.
The instant video messages will be sent quickly and securely using the WhatsApp app, and the video that is being recorded cannot be changed or sent again, according to a recent announcement by the company.
The new function may be accessed by either pressing the voice message button once to turn it into a quick video message or by clicking the camera picture in the application and selecting "Video" to take a video that will be shared promptly and directly through the application.

New security tools when receiving a message from an unknown number

Meta said that it has added new security options for consumers to employ when receiving messages from unknown phone numbers using the WhatsApp application as part of an ongoing effort to protect its customers.

Yesterday, Thursday, the "Wapita Info" website that covers "WhatsApp" news said that the application will show a new security tools page the first time the user receives a message from a phone number he is unfamiliar with.
Along with that, she said that the tools "provide some information on how to stay safe in the chat, by checking the profile name, photo, and international phone code."

He clarified that this action is an addition to the previous tools, which allowed users to ban unauthorized contacts or report them to the moderation team.

To give consumers more privacy and control, the website claimed that if a user receives a message from an unidentified phone number, the sender will not be told that his message has been received until the recipient accepts the option to "reply" or "add the contact to the address book".

A few weeks after it began testing, the WhatsApp instant messaging service announced the availability of the short video messaging capability and that everyone would be able to use it in the upcoming weeks.
Meta's WhatsApp company noted in a blog post that voice messaging in WhatsApp revolutionized how people communicated by offering a quick and secure method.

WhatsApp also outlined how users can utilize video messages to respond to discussions in real-time and visually communicate their thoughts through a movie of up to 60 seconds in length.

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