Urgent UAE: "Dubai Universities" compete with the future by adding new majors

The TECOM Group's most prominent entities in the higher education sector, Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Park, are taking the initiative to offer new university majors beginning with the academic year 2023-2024, with the goal of developing talents and capabilities and preparing students for future jobs

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These advanced majors include artificial intelligence, the fourth industrial revolution, robotics, genetics, and design, demonstrating TECOM Group's firm commitment to the Dubai Economic Agenda " D33," which aims to strengthen Dubai's position as the world's leading center for higher education and one of the three best cities over the next decade.

In addition to the well-known majors in areas such as media, electronic game development, and animation that are in high demand among students, international universities intend to offer a set of modern academic programs in the fields of science, technology, and engineering during the new academic year, in line with the global trend towards jobs that are expected to grow. Its popularity will grow over the following decade.

" Dubai's diversified knowledge-based economy and its global work system contribute to providing a competitive platform through which to shape the future of key sectors and create a positive and sustainable impact," said Ammar Al-Malik, Executive Vice President of TECOM Group - Commercial Sector, on this occasion. We are optimistic that majors will be successful. The new universities offered by the universities in Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Park will contribute to students having the necessary skills and capabilities to face future challenges, thereby contributing to a better future in all fields and enhancing Dubai's and the region's global competitiveness.

" Digital transformation offers many opportunities for innovation and growth, as university students today have an exceptional opportunity to contribute to shaping the features of a new future," he continued. As a result, we must collaborate and coordinate our efforts to obtain the essential knowledge and abilities to go forward in the transformation process." Contribute to the creation of a future that benefits everyone."
It should be noted that Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Park are home to almost 30,000 students representing over 170 nationalities from across the world, as well as 37 local, regional, and international colleges of higher learning. Business administration, engineering, and information technology were among the majors with the highest level of interest among new students entering institutions as of the end of 2022.

Developing future abilities

According to the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report 2023, big data analytics, climate change, environmental protection technology, encryption, and cybersecurity will be among the future jobs that will see a considerable increase over the next five years. Boston Consulting Group also stated in June 2023 that the UAE is one of the largest geographic regions in the Middle East for games and esports and will attract a huge number of companies aiming to capitalize on the market's current prospects.

Higher education programs in Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Park will help to provide a suitable and supportive environment for learning such specializations. During the new academic year, Murdoch University in Australia, which has a campus in Dubai Knowledge Park, will offer a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology with a focus on artificial intelligence and autonomous systems. For the first time in the UAE, Murdoch University Dubai's three-year undergraduate degree will allow students to pursue a second major in cybersecurity and forensics, as well as computer science and corporate information systems.

" At Murdoch University Dubai, we are proud of our outstanding international reputation for excellence in teaching, research, and student satisfaction," stated Dr. James Trotter, Dean, and Academic Chair. We provide certified Australian degrees through our campus in Dubai Knowledge Park." and internationally recognized, taking advantage of our strategic location to provide a flexible and advanced learning environment through which we can empower and prepare future leaders."

Heriot-Watt University's campus in Dubai Knowledge Park will begin offering a Bachelor's degree in Robotics, Autonomous, and Interactive Systems Engineering in the coming months. Amity University Dubai plans to offer a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in biotechnology as one of its specializations in the academic year 2023-2024. The institution has a location in Dubai International Academic City, and its new biotechnology degree will cover topics such as bioethics, food biotechnology, immunology, genetic engineering, and fermentation technology.

" At Amity University, we believe that Dubai and the UAE will become the preferred destination for higher education in the region," stated Dr. Vagahat Hussain, CEO of Amity Education. We accept this duty and collaborate closely with other universities and Dubai International Academic City." To strengthen Dubai's and the UAE's status as the first choice for students in the region looking to travel to complete their university degrees and pursue postgraduate courses.

In turn, the SAI Institute, with its headquarters in Dubai Knowledge Park, provides a Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Game Development, a Bachelor's Degree in Animation, and a Diploma in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to students and professionals seeking to advance in the UAE's growing electronic games sector. The Arab Emirates. Curtin University Dubai in Dubai International Academic City offers a Bachelor of Design (Animation and Electronic Game Design), and the University of Wollongong in Dubai offers a Bachelor of Computer Science (Development of Electronic Games and Mobile Applications) to teach students how to design and implement technology

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