‏Urgent UAE .. complaints about the "back to school" season, and some stores evade offering "discounts"

Customers expressed dissatisfaction over the exclusion of a number of back-to-school offers for essential items in high demand, most notably shoes, socks, school supplies, and sportswear, noting that a number of retailers failed to take advantage of the high demand from customers during that time by offering discounts.

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They made the observation to Emirates Today that certain back-to-school deals are constrained, either in terms of the products given or the percentages of discounts provided on some highly sought-after products, with some concentrating on luxury goods and marketing low-quality goods.

In response, two representatives from retail establishments believed that the existence of deals and the products that are featured depend on marketing strategies.

According to a retail affairs specialist, a lot of offers are concentrated on the sale of items, necessitating consumer knowledge and comparison when looking for suitable sales offers.

Mahmoud Ibrahim, a customer, explained in more detail: "A number of sales outlets have recently offered offers to return to schools, but when shopping for these offers, it is discovered that a large number of them exclude basic commodities with a high demand for discounts, most notably shoes and socks, which is unfortunate because it is the start of the school year. Because of this, some offers become less viable, forcing customers to compare several offers and shop at other stores in order to find the best deals.

Considering that "it is normal for offers to differ on goods between The outlets, especially for goods that are supplied from external supply companies, control their prices," John Patrick, a sales official in one of the chains of sales outlets in Dubai, stated that "the offering of offers for sales depends mainly on marketing policies, which differ from one outlet to another, according to the various sales seasons."

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