Urgent UAE: Arresting passengers with forged visas at Dubai Airport

Two individuals were apprehended by a passport control agent at Dubai Airport for possessing counterfeit travel visas in two distinct incidents.

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A Middle Eastern individual arrived at Dubai airport with the intention of realising their aspiration to travel to the United States of America. However, their expectations were shattered when they encountered a passport control officer who harboured suspicions regarding the authenticity of the document they presented. Consequently, the passport was referred to the appropriate authorities for verification, ultimately revealing the presence of visa forgery.

The individual in question was directed to the Public Prosecution, subsequently referred to the Misdemeanour Court, and ultimately subjected to a verdict of incarceration, albeit with a suspended term, as well as ordered to be deported from the nation.
In a comparable instance, an individual of Arab descent entered into an agreement with an unidentified individual to procure an entry visa to Belgium, subsequently resulting in their apprehension at Dubai Airport.
During the course of the investigation, the individual in question asserted that he possessed no knowledge of the visa fraud allegations. Furthermore, he contended that he remunerated an amount of 3,000 euros to the individual responsible for procuring the visa on his behalf.
The court rendered a verdict that mandated his incarceration for a duration of one month, as well as his subsequent deportation from the nation.

The matter currently under consideration by the National Education Association (NEA) has a number of intricate details that warrant careful examination.

Based on the particulars of the initial case, the defendant endeavoured to embark on a journey to the United States via Terminal 3 at Dubai Airport. The defendant was found to be in possession of two passports, one of which was valid while the other was expired. Notwithstanding the expired passport, the defendant possessed a valid entry visa to the United States, thereby attempting to deceive the airline personnel.
Upon reaching the weighing counter, the proficient staff member intercepted the individual and requested evidence substantiating their authorization to enter the United States. The individual promptly presented two passports for verification. However, the employee harboured doubts regarding the legitimacy of the visa and subsequently alleged its forgery. Consequently, the matter was referred to the document examination division situated within the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs at Dubai Airport. Subsequently, the aforementioned authority confirmed the fraudulent nature of the visa.
During the course of the interrogation, the accused acknowledged his involvement in the act of forging an unofficial document in collaboration with an unidentified individual, and thereafter utilising said document to facilitate his departure from the country.
The court, in its judgement, asserted that in order for the crime of forgery to be established, it is necessary for the falsified document to be capable of being utilised, thereby substantiating the element of injury. This statement reflects the court's assurance in the evidentiary support for the defendant's case.
The judge decided to impose a one-month imprisonment followed by deportation from the state. However, upon considering the offender's moral character and past behaviour, the judge found grounds to assume that the likelihood of the convict reoffending was low. Consequently, the judge opted to suspend the sentence for a duration of three years.
Additional information regarding the occurrence suggests that an individual of Arab descent entered into an agreement with an unidentified party to counterfeit a visa for entry into Belgium, thereafter affixing it to their passport. Upon his departure from the country through Dubai International Airport, the employee in question promptly developed a sense of suspicion towards him. Consequently, the employee proceeded to report the passport to the appropriate authorities, which subsequently confirmed the falsification of the visa.
During the interrogation conducted in the arrest report and subsequent investigations by the prosecution, the accused individual refuted the allegations levelled against him.
The individual expressed his concurrence with an individual residing in an Arab nation to obtain a legitimate travel visa for Belgium. This agreement entailed a monetary exchange of 3,000 euros, and the individual afterwards provided the counterpart with their passport and a personal photograph. However, to their astonishment, they were apprehended during their attempt to depart via Dubai Airport.
Upon thorough examination of the case, the court rendered a verdict of guilt against the accused. Taking into account the individual's circumstances, prior history, conduct, and the nature of the offence, the court identified a significant likelihood of recidivism. Consequently, it determined that a one-month incarceration and subsequent deportation from the state were warranted.

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