Urgent UAE: Abu Dhabi Traffic 35% discount on traffic violations

The "Initiate and Benefit" initiative, established by the Abu Dhabi Police, offers advantages for paying traffic fines promptly.

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As a result, the Abu Dhabi Police offered a 35% discount for paying the infraction within 60 days and a 25% discount for paying between 60 and a year thereafter.
As part of its efforts to satisfy the public and offer top-notch services to win the satisfaction and confidence of society, the Abu Dhabi Police General Command launched an awareness campaign with the tagline "Initiate and benefit; to encourage the public to take advantage of the facilities, discounts, and services related to early payment of traffic violations and renewal of vehicles.

How should I ask about traffic infractions?

The Public Security Directorate offers an online tool that enables beneficiaries to look up traffic infractions that have been filed against them or a member of their family.
Enter the doorway of (Absher).
Enter the visual code as well as the national identification number or residence number.
Enter the password and select the electronic services.
Decide to ask about traffic infractions.
After logging in, input the applicant's ID number and the visual code.
Following submission, the system will analyze any infractions and their specifics.

An initiative towards an accident-free day.

A positive effort was also made public by the Federal Traffic Council, which will reward participants in the nationwide campaign " A Day without Accidents" that the Council began at the beginning of the new academic year by reducing four black traffic points. If he does 't break the rules or have an accident, he must sign the initiative's commitment to be eligible for the discount. In addition to not recording any traffic violations or accidents on August 28, 2023, which is accessible through the link that was made public on the social media accounts, the websites of the Ministry of Interior, and the General Commands of the Police, so that collectively we achieve the slogan " A Day without, " Accidents" and to serve as inspiration and incentive for everyone to drive safely on this day and every day after that.

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