Urgent UAE: A new project to provide government jobs in the UAE

In line with the Dubai Government's Human Resources Department's commitment to improving human capital inside the Dubai government, preparing Emirati cadres and preparing them for future employment, and fostering a joyful and stimulating workplace.

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In order to develop a special and comprehensive project that satisfies the workforce requirements of present and future government agencies, the department is now negotiating the "Dubai Government Jobs Engineering" project with government agencies in Dubai.
During the first meeting it organised with 40 government departments, the Dubai Government Human Resources Department reviewed the "Dubai Government Jobs Engineering" project with the goal of developing a methodology and criteria for determining job levels and titles, evaluating the quality and value of jobs in government departments based on the level of required skills, and creating a clear and comprehensive vision regarding Departments current and future manpower needs.

suggested roles and functional categories.

The framework of the proposed jobs and job groups, behavioural and technical competencies, job levels, including job paths and grades, the development of job families in line with developments in government work, the significance of job classification to support future specialisations, the review of the project plan, and preliminary data analysis results were all covered during the meeting.
The Honourable The "Dubai Government Jobs Engineering" project is crucial for developing a human resources infrastructure that serves as a foundation for human resources practises for the departments, institutions, and bodies affiliated with the Dubai government, such as compensation and wage systems. Iman bin Khatim, Executive Director of the Policies and Programmes Sector at the Dubai Government Human Resources Department, emphasized this. planning for the workforce and professional development.
According to her, the "Engineering Dubai Government Jobs" project is one of the initiatives under the Dubai Plan 2030, which is overseen by the Strategic Affairs Council of the Executive Council of Dubai. This plan aims to ensure and create an exceptional future with cutting-edge visions in collaboration and partnership with the relevant authorities.
Iman bin Khatim, Executive Director of the Policies and Programmes Sector, added that the Dubai Government Human Resources Department coordinates and collaborates with Dubai government agencies to establish the foundations, methods, and tools used in the field of analysis, design, classification, and foresight of jobs and professions, to develop competencies and develop organisational performance, as the functional engineering system is one of The important systems.
According to Amna Al Suwaidi, Director of Policies and Programmes at the Dubai Government Human Resources Department, the department's goal with the Dubai Government Jobs Engineering project is to create an integrated job framework at the level of the Dubai government that includes talent and profession management, workforce planning, human resource analytics, a straightforward, transparent framework, performance management, and effective management.
She continued by saying that the Dubai Government Human Resources Department's goal behind the Dubai Government Jobs Engineering Project is to create an integrated structure of levels that aims to harmonize the job structure and the outcomes of job evaluation by the international classification system for job grades and to identify the competencies, skills, and level necessary for them to ensure the performance of the desired tasks and responsibilities, as well as the classification system. grouped into functional categories based on related knowledge and abilities.
The Dubai Government Human Resources Department will design the functional framework by a plan based on harmony with the future aspirations of the Emirate of Dubai, its objectives, and strategic direction, search for lessons learned from market practices to determine its future directions, coordinate and harmonise with Dubai government agencies, and ensure linkage with human resources.
The Dubai Government Jobs Engineering project aligns with the 2023–2026 strategic axes of the Dubai Government Human Resources Department, which aims to strategically lead the human resources sector and apply best practices to meet sector challenges in light of rapid development and ongoing change, as well as by working to create an environment based on innovation. To identify the most significant trends and future aspirations in the industry, as well as to embrace and adopt innovative ideas to lead the pioneering thought in the human resources sector locally and internationally through programs, studies, and research; to collaborate with institutions and agencies that will supply the Dubai government with practical solutions and recommendations to overcome these trends; to work with experts and specialists in the field of human resources; and to embrace a Future planning and preparation.

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