‏Urgent.. Transforming 25 health services in the UAE into "proactive" for citizens and residents

‏The Emirates Health Services Corporation has made the announcement that it has successfully transformed 25 services into proactive services at a rate of one hundred percent. This has resulted in a time savings of 24.4 minutes per transaction when proactively issuing the health card, a time savings of 4.9 million minutes for customers on an annual basis, and a time savings of zero seconds for the application process for four proactive services.

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His Excellency Dr. Abdulaziz Al Zarooni, Acting Executive Director of the Financial Sector and Support Services at the Emirates Health Services Corporation, confirmed that the transformation of these services comes within the framework of the Corporation's keenness to save time and effort for all customers and in line with its directions in providing health services of high quality quickly and smoothly. He explained that this transformation is part of a systematic plan to provide health services.

For his part, Ahmed Al-Suwaidi, Director of the Customer Happiness Department at the Emirates Health Services Corporation, indicated that the Corporation, as a leading provider of services, seeks to provide and provide the best specialised services in the health care sector, improve the quality of its services in accordance with the best international standards and practises, and strengthen the sector's position in the UAE at the regional level. This was stated by Ahmed Al-Suwaidi. It is in keeping with the goal of "We Are the Emirates 2031" to provide and promote integrated proactive digital services, which has led to the transition of services into proactive services.

He said that consumers would save time and effort by using proactive services, and that these services will also address their demands in a manner that is consistent with their goals. They are built on intelligent technologies that make data analysis possible and assess the degree to which customers are satisfied, and they will make it possible for adjustments and alterations to be made in order to offer better service models in the future and on an ongoing basis.

Al-Suwaidi pointed out that the Corporation provides a centre for customer happiness in each of its affiliated health facilities, as it uses the global star system for classifying services, noting that the Corporation's call centre operates around the clock, every day of the week, and has many promotional channels to communicate with the public, except for service Direct communication through the free number such as the instant chat service, the "Metaverse" channel, the th channel, the th channel, the th channel, the th channel.

In addition, he mentioned that the company had introduced something called a "user experience laboratory" in order to get customers involved in the process of developing the service through the use of artificial intelligence. This was done in order to determine the points in the transaction or procedure in which the customer had difficulty through the use of an eye-tracking device and the identification of focus points in addition to the utilisation of heat map technology. He also mentioned that 233 users had participated in the process. Through a total of 24 simulation sessions carried out in the laboratory, 537 chances for research and development were uncovered.

Al-Suwaidi stated that the Corporation continues to provide the best services possible based on artificial intelligence and modern technology, as it will launch during the third quarter of this year a "mobile user experience laboratory" to reach customers wherever they are, listen to their opinions and experiences, and know their proposals closely. Al-Suwaidi also stated that the Corporation will continue to provide the best services possible based on artificial intelligence and modern technology.

The proactive services included a number of essential services, including the medical fitness examination service for university enrollment, the communicable disease consultation service, the "reassurance" service, which is the comprehensive periodic examination service, the preventive vaccinations service, and the issuance of a health card for people of determination for patients of various nationalities who have determination, as well as other services.

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