Urgent: Three traffic accidents at the same time in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Police, in collaboration with the Control and Follow-up Center, recently saw three simultaneous traffic accidents caused by driver distraction on a separate road, where traffic had come to a halt. This monitoring effort was conducted as part of the "You Can Comment" campaign.

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The Traffic and Patrols Directorate has issued a plea to drivers to adhere to traffic safety regulations. This includes refraining from distractions while operating a vehicle, to prevent abrupt halts of vehicles without prior indication on both internal and exterior roadways. Additionally, drivers are urged to maintain constant vigilance to anticipate unexpected occurrences on the road.
The campaign aimed to raise awareness among drivers of the potential hazards associated with engaging in various activities on their phones, such as browsing the Internet, accessing social networking sites, making phone calls, taking photos, and engaging in other behaviors that have the potential to result in severe traffic accidents.

The monetary penalty associated with being occupied.

According to her statement, the penalty for engaging in any form of distraction while operating a vehicle on the road is 800 dirhams and a deduction of 4 traffic points.
The Abu Dhabi Police has expressed its commitment to fostering a traffic culture and spreading awareness of it across various segments of society through multilingual means. Additionally, the police force aims to strengthen the sense of responsibility towards adhering to traffic laws and regulations, with the ultimate goal of minimizing improper conduct and ensuring the safety of all community members.
According to statistical data and analytical studies on accidents and traffic violations, the Traffic and Patrols Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police consistently documents a significant number of driver violations resulting from distracted driving. These violations are classified as dangerous, as they have been found to contribute to fatalities and severe injuries on the roads.
The speaker underscored the significance of directing one's attention toward driving and maintaining vigilance on the road to prevent the vehicle from veering off course. They elucidated that engaging in activities unrelated to driving, such as using a mobile phone to browse the Internet or social media, making phone calls, taking pictures, or engaging in conversation with passengers, can result in abrupt deviations and potential repercussions. The issue at hand is of significant concern because of its potential to contribute to traffic accidents, which can be attributed to the lack of attentiveness exhibited by drivers.

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