‏Urgent.. The UAE announces new exemptions for prior entry visas for these expatriates

‏The Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed a protocol revising an agreement to waive prior entrance visas between the Republic of Armenia and the United Arab Emirates. This facilitates citizens of the two nations' travel and allows them to stay in each other's country for up to 90 days at a time.

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Adding private, official and regular passports to the principle of reciprocity:

The protocol was amended to apply the principle of reciprocity by adding private, official, and ordinary passports for both countries. The protocol will come into effect following the exchange of diplomatic notifications between the two nations in the upcoming months.

Karen Krikorian, the ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the nation, and Khaled Abdullah Belhoul, the undersecretary of the ministry of foreign affairs, were present at the signing ceremony.

The decision to mutually exempt entry visas, according to Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Khaled Abdullah Belhoul, reflects the strength of the two countries'relations, which were established on a foundation of mutual understanding and respect as well as the desire to develop these bilateral relations in a way that reflects the aspirations and directions of their respective leaderships and serves common goals and interests.

According to Belhoul, this action is in keeping with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' 2023–2026 plan, which calls for enhancing the UAE's standing internationally through diplomatic and consular initiatives.

UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs emergency line:

On the other hand, during the summer break of 2023, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared that it had received over 4,152 calls, including 1,272 emergency instances, using the emergency line 0097180024, which is reserved for the nation's foreign citizens.

In order to guarantee the safety of the nation's citizens abroad and to deliver the best possible services, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has set up work teams to handle a variety of emergency reports with professionalism and promptness. In fact, 95.7 percent of emergency reports were handled in less than ten seconds after the replay technology was activated. In less than ten minutes, automatic communication was established, and 28 medical evacuation procedures were executed in tandem with health authorities and the National Emergency and Crisis Management Authority.

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