Urgent: the integrated system of residency, visas and residency laws in the UAE

One of the most crucial characteristics that set its holders apart from others in the United Arab Emirates is the acquisition of a residence or visa. From one type to another, residency requirements, goals, and types will vary. The speed at which it is issued, how long it is valid for, and how easy the residence process is in the Emirates vary. No matter if you desire to work, study, or reside in the UAE

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We therefore provide to you at My Bayut a guide to the forms of residency system in the UAE, highlighting the most crucial information that you may want to know. And what is related to the residence or visa that you must receive before you take this step.
The government announced in April 2022 the introduction of an integrated system for residency and visas that benefits the holders and the state, and added a number of advantages that attracted people who wanted to live, study, or work in the UAE. This system will include the regular, green, and golden residency system in addition to other types that we will discuss. Before going any further, it is important to highlight the recent developments. Regarding the amendments made to the UAE's new residence law for 2022, they consist of:
Offering golden residency to professionals with training in all fields of medical, engineering, technology, science, education, law, culture, and society as well as professional experience and academic credentials.
Geniuses are given golden residency, which is based only on talent and is not conditional on having a job in the country or having a certain level of education or experience.
assisting the real estate investor in obtaining a golden residence
The golden residency for entrepreneurs can be obtained with just the approval of an entrepreneurial enterprise idea.
5 years of renewable green residency for a highly skilled worker without a sponsor or employment in the nation
5 years of green residency for self-employed individuals, provided that their annual self-employment income for the prior two years was at least 360,000 AED.
granting green status for five years to a partner or investor in a business venture
extending a residence permit to children of determination regardless of age and raising the age at which children can live with their family from 18 to 25
introducing the first-ever multipurpose entry visas, with flexible visit periods that can be extended in accordance with the objective and no host need in the nation.
introducing a visa to investigate business and investment prospects introducing a visa to investigate job opportunities for the category of skilled workers and young graduates from the top 500 universities in the world
The UAE government has previously said that there are 5 different types of visas and laws that foreigners can use to become long-term residents of the nation. These include the following:
10 years of residence without sponsorship
five years of residence without a sponsor
a five-year retirement visa for citizens of the UAE
Golden residency programme for five or ten years called "Thriving in Abu Dhabi"
Dubai retirement visa

A golden retirement

All talents are included under the United Arab Emirates' golden residency.
The long-term residency visa, also referred to as the golden residency in the Emirates, is one of the most significant types of residency in the UAE because it enables all residents, including foreigners and their families who wish to live, work, or study there, to enjoy a long-term residency without the need for an Emirati sponsor and the possibility of owning property. That the nation is 100% is a really wonderful aspect. According to latest updates, the golden residency in the UAE is 10 years long and renewable. It falls under numerous categories, including:
specialists and scientists
Specially talented individuals
Graduates and recent graduates
initial line of defece
leaders in humanitarian work
The most recent modifications have various benefits, including:
ten-year renewable residency
Absence from the Emirates is no longer necessary to maintain golden residency.
removing the cap on the number of domestic helpers who can be hired
the potential for getting a multiple-entry visa that is valid for six months and can be renewed in order to finish the residency requirements while abroad
It is not necessary for a host or guarantor to be present in the nation.
allowing surviving family members to remain in the nation for the term of the residence's validity in the event that the breadwinner who was granted the golden residency passes away
Issuance of residence permits for the spouse and children of a foreign national who has been granted a golden residence permit.
The dependant family members can stay in the country for as long as their residence was valid even after the breadwinner who received the golden residency passes away.

a green home

The green residency programme in the United Arab Emirates is a part of the new residency system in the UAE that was recently introduced, and its significance lies in separating the UAE residency from the work permit, so that this residency is subjective to the individual or employee and not to the company. In other words, it enables foreign workers, investors, and owners with high skills, first-year students, and graduates to reside on the territory of the United Arab Emirates and to apply for employment without the need for a work permit. The following categories can profit from green residency:

partner or financier
Participants in educational institutions
The following are just a few of the many benefits of green residency in the United Arab Emirates:
Making it easier to obtain residency permits of all kinds for spouses, children, and first-degree relatives by granting benefits to bring family members who are already living in the nation.
after it was just 18 years old, the age of children was raised to 25 years.
Regardless of age, allowing children of individuals of resolve to live with their parents
granting unmarried girls, regardless of age, a residency permit
extending the grace period to six months after the residency has expired or been revoked
Flexible grace period of up to 6 months after residency expiration or cancellation
Family members' visas are valid for the same amount of time as the primary visa holder.
Unrestricted abode in the Emirates
A young woman using a computer
One of the most significant types of residency that has lately been established in the industry is free residency.
In order to facilitate the terms of free residence in the Emirates, or even if his company is not to which it is affiliated already established on state land, the new residence law in the Emirates also includes free residence in the Emirates, the first of its kind at the federal level. This was created and allocated to self-employed workers without the need to issue a work permit and an employment contract. It should also be highlighted that free residency does not just apply to minors under the age of 18, but also to those under the age of 25.

3 years of investor housing in Dubai

The Dubai Land Department recently unveiled and announced a new residence system, specifically in September 2021. This system is special because it offers investors a number of benefits that allow them to obtain a residence visa that is valid for three years. Renewable with the option of sponsoring the spouse and kids. The most important prerequisites for obtaining an investor residency permit in Dubai for a period of three years are that you own a property there worth at least 750,000 dirhams. You can also apply for this permit through the "Taskeen" programme through the "Dubai REIT application" in addition to submitting your application directly to the Land Department's headquarters.

pupil visa

Outstanding international students from other nations who intend to register in universities, colleges, and higher education institutions in the nation for a term of five years are granted a student resident visa by the United Arab Emirates. A student visa requires 100 AED in residence costs per year in the Emirates, and the price is renewable for an additional year at the same cost. The following are the requirements for residency in the Emirates and the documents needed for students to obtain a student residence permit there:
a formal letter of acceptance from a United Arab Emirates institution for a new student and a continuation of study certificate for a returning student.
passing a medical fitness test at one of the nation's government hospitals
Sponsor of a student visa (the college itself, a parent, or a family)
the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs's final clearance of the visa application
For citizens of the GCC countries, an entry visa
International Airport of Dubai
The United Arab Emirates doesn't have onerous entry requirements for citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council nations.
For citizens of the GCC countries, an entry visa
Foreign nationals with this visa are permitted to live in Dubai and the other Emirates for a period of 30 days starting from the date of entry, with the option of extending it only once for a period of 30 days by electronically requesting an entry permit (e-visa) on the official websites. The holder of the visa will not be permitted to enter the nation if their profession changes after receiving their entry permit, and no request for a visit visa will be granted for their family members, auxiliary categories of residents, or friends who are GCC citizens unless their sponsor is also travelling with them. Upon arriving at the country's ports, the entry permit holder's residency in the GCC state and passport must both still be valid for at least three months. For further information, see How to Issue a GCC Visa.
Transit permit
There are two types of transit visas in the United Arab Emirates: one is free for 48 hours, while the other costs 50 dirhams and can only be obtained from the country's official airlines. The following prerequisites must be met in order to qualify for both visas:
48-hour free transit visa
When entering the United Arab Emirates' borders, the passport or other travel document's validity cannot be less than three months.
a private image with a blank background
a ticket for the next leg of the trip
The traveller is departing from and arriving in a different country.
96-hour transit permit
Prior to entering the United Arab Emirates' borders, the passport's or other travel document's validity must be at least six months.
a private image with a blank background
a ticket for the next leg of the trip
The traveller is departing from and arriving in a different country.
Enterprise visa
An entrepreneurial visa in the UAE can be obtained with just the approval of an entrepreneurial project idea.
The entrepreneurs' visa, which is a component of the golden residency system, is included in the UAE residence and visa law. The significance of the visa resides in providing entrepreneurs and their families with a special package of never-before-seen privileges through permanent residence. Any entrepreneur who has previously owned a project is eligible to apply for a visa to start ventures in the UAE, and in terms of eligibility and requirements, the following requirements must be satisfied in order to get an entrepreneurs' visa:
that the person be able to demonstrate prior business experience
to serve on the Board of Directors or as a large shareholder
Completely prepared to go to the Emirates, live there, and legally establish a business there
possessing a concept or business strategy that he intends to implement in the nation
passing the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship's standards, including the health audit and evaluation
It should be noted that these requirements do not qualify the entrepreneur for a visa, as specialised committees review the application and the supporting documentation before deciding whether to grant or deny the visa. If the application is approved, the applicant must follow the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship's procedures to obtain the visa.


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