Urgent: Sharjah Civil Defense Authority guidelines for protecting children from falls

The Sharjah Civil Defense Authority directed five guidelines to prevent children from falling from balconies, especially during vacation periods, when this type of accident usually occurs.

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The first recommendation is to never leave a child alone in the house or on the balcony. The second is to make sure that an acrylic barrier is installed on the balcony (after obtaining a permit from the municipality), and the third is to make sure that the balcony door is always closed and that it is not opened except when necessary. The fourth recommendation is to make sure that windows and balcony doors have the proper safety locks installed. As part of the "Warning Against the Risks of Falling from Balconies" initiative, the Child Safety Department started a series of field visits to towers and buildings in the cities and regions of Sharjah to increase awareness of the risks that could endanger the lives of children in homes and to offer helpful advice and guidance.
She suggested that parents take additional safety precautions to shield their kids from harm. As falls from heights are the second leading cause of unintentional death worldwide and children are the most susceptible to these dangers, it also urged for collaboration with pertinent institutions to develop best practices and standards in this area.

management of child safety.

Nahla Al-Saadi, the Child Safety Department's deputy director, stated: "We always work to protect children from risks, and we keep an eye on the most prevalent bad habits that result in tragic incidents for them. These behaviors include those that lead young children to fall from balconies or high windows in their early development because they may act in ways that encourage risk-taking without thinking about the consequences as their curiosity about the world around them grows. "Weak supervision of parents or supervisors of children is one of the most common causes of children falling from high places," she continued, "and this means that these accidents can be avoided by taking some simple measures."
She also made a point of saying that «the administration concentrates on spreading awareness and identifying solutions to accomplish the safety of children at home, especially on balconies and near windows, which do not need considerable cost or rigorous work. Through it, parents can make sure that their kids are safe from the risk of falling and spare them disastrous outcomes that leave a lasting, sorrowful impression on their hearts.

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