‏Urgent.. Good news regarding the UAE weather, starting today

According to Ibrahim Al-Jarwan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Astronomy Society and a member of the Arab Federation for Astronomy and Space Sciences, today, August 15, is the first day of the Suhail season for the people of the calendar.

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He stated that characteristics of the decline in heat and the intensity of heat will begin to be noticed, and he also mentioned that the star Suhail will be seen at dawn beginning on August 24 in the middle of Arabian island.

According to Al-Jarwan, after about 45 days, darkness will be equivalent to day, within the boundaries of October 2, when the atmosphere of equinox will gradually settle. This will occur within the limitations of October 2.

Due to the fact that the positions of the stars are connected to the people of the Arabian Peninsula's day-to-day activities, the inhabitants of this region have been fascinated with them since ancient times. Because of them, they are aware of the varying temperatures throughout the year, as well as the periods when it is likely to rain. Because it rains, and the people who live on the land are aware of the best times to travel and graze their livestock, while the people who live on the sea are aware of the best times to travel and fish in the water.

The Arabs are overjoyed at the prospect of its arrival, as it will indicate the end of the scorching heat, the start of a decline in the high temperatures, the beginning of an improvement in the weather, and the beginning of the season for farming.

According to Al-Jarwan, the beginning of the season of zero, or Lusfri as it is called in the local dialect, coincides with the appearance of the star Suhail. At the beginning of its rising, there will be forty days during which the weather does not settle for heat or moderation. following that, the environment will settle into a moderate state beginning in the middle of October, which is when the season of marking will begin. Winter will come following the rising of Suhail by around one hundred days.

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