Urgent from Dubai Municipality to citizens and residents

The "Clock Roundabout" construction project in the Deira neighbourhood, which cost 10 million dirhams, has been finished by Dubai Municipality.

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The development work, which started in May of last year, included the following: Rehabilitation and enhancement of the roundabout's aesthetic landscape, with a distinctive design in line with Dubai's international stature, and celebration of the historical value of this important site in the centre of the city, which includes the well-known 'clock tower' whose construction dates back to 1963.

The Honourable "We have finished the development work of the Clock Roundabout in Deira, one of the most notable engineering and architectural landmarks in the Emirate of Dubai, according to the planned schedule, to give it a new look with a distinctive design that preserves its cultural and historical value, while taking care to show it in a way that expresses The unique style that characterises Dubai in blending its her In keeping with the city's international standing, we continue to highlight and improve its visual landscape while protecting its historical and cultural heritage.

Renovation of the floors and installation of a new water fountain design in an aesthetically pleasing manner, where water levels can be adjusted to produce imaginative forms while using a cutting-edge multi-colored lighting system, were both part of the development work on the clock roundabout. The clock tower and the roundabout's support structure were both painted as part of the development work. The new floor of the roundabout, which was conceived as layers of coloured gravel paved with three-dimensional patterns, was constructed using precast concrete.

The "Sesphyum" plant, which is a highly resilient soil cover plant and is distinguished by its ability to spread widely to cover floor areas in green areas, was utilised in the indoor ponds with reference to green spaces. In addition to three layers of Natural flowers in different colour patterns, and at a viewing angle that lets passers-by can see them well, the "Washingtonia" palm was also employed in the ponds next to the clock tower's columns.

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