Urgent Emirates: The decision to prevent students from using their phones

With the start of the new academic year 2023–2024, private schools in the Northern Emirates have urged their pupils and their families not to use social media during the school day.

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She claimed that using them while in class was a grave infraction of school regulations.
In order to prevent the application of strict penalties against students, which may amount to a final warning or the cancellation of participation in school buses, school administrations created a list of "prohibitions" that students are prohibited from engaging in during school hours and throughout the school year.

a list of what is "prohibited" for parents of pupils.

Private schools distributed a list of 'prohibitions' to parents of enrolled kids, the most notable of which was the restriction of arriving late for the national anthem and the morning queue as well as the prohibition of late students from entering the school unless they were accompanied by a guardian. Additionally, it stressed the importance of wearing sports uniforms during physical education lessons and outright forbade the wearing of hooded blouses and shirts with zippers. It also forbade the wearing of rings, chains, bracelets, and eyebrow, nose, and mouth piercings and confirmed that strict action was taken against those who disobeyed the law.
Schools also forbade female students from wearing makeup, eyeliner, nail polish, gloss, or lipstick while in class, and they stressed the need of keeping hair clean and styled.
Cell phones, tablets, music players, headphones, cameras, and social media apps were all prohibited from being used in class.
She also noted that any disruptive behaviour on the school bus could result in the cancellation of the student's access to school transportation. All pupils who utilise transportation must sit in the space allotted for them by the bus supervisor, she added.
She continued by saying that it is against the rules for students to bring soft drinks and energy drinks, and that they are promptly seized and the students' families are informed.
Both male and female students are prohibited from bringing food into the building and from chewing gum while in class.

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