Urgent Emirates: Good news for customers of the airline "Fly Dubai"

Flydubai has recently made an official announcement regarding the commencement of its flight operations to Sphinx International Airport in Cairo. This new service is scheduled to commence on October 28, 2023, and has been introduced in response to the increasing need for air travel between the cities of Cairo and Dubai.

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The airline will expand its presence in the Egyptian market by offering a daily route to Cairo, in addition to its existing daily flights to Borg El Arab International Airport in Alexandria. This will result in a total of 17 flights per week serving the Egyptian market. Consequently, the airline has extended its reach in Africa by incorporating Cairo and Mombasa in Kenya into its expanding network, thereby increasing the total number of destinations to 12.
Hamad Obaidalla, the Chief Commercial Officer at flydubai, expressed satisfaction in disclosing the commencement of our flight operations to Cairo, scheduled to commence in October. Flydubai demonstrates a persistent commitment to enhancing the facilitation of trade and tourism across nations, hence fostering increased accessibility for individuals seeking to engage in travel endeavours. I express my heartfelt gratitude to the competent authorities in Egypt for their invaluable assistance in the initiation of our flights to Cairo's Sphinx International Airport. We eagerly anticipate the further development and improvement of our services at this newly established destination in the forthcoming years.

The Sphinx International Airport is located in the region between Cairo and Alexandria.

The Sphinx International Airport is situated along the Cairo-Alexandria road, approximately forty-five kilometres away from the Giza pyramids. The recently constructed airport caters to the inhabitants of Greater Cairo, in addition to the population of Fayoum and Beni Suef governorates. The airport is conveniently located in close proximity to significant historical and archaeological monuments, serving as a convenient starting point for travellers visiting renowned Red Sea destinations such as Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada.
According to Sudhir Sridharan, the Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations (UAE, GCC, Africa and Indian Subcontinent) at flydubai, Egypt holds significant importance as a market for the airline. The introduction of the new daily route will offer travellers originating from the United Arab Emirates, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations, and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries an expanded range of travel possibilities to Cairo by utilising the aviation hub located in Dubai. The inclusion of daily flights to Cairo will enhance our existing daily services to Alexandria, offering passengers an expanded range of options for travel in both Business Class and Economy Class. Passengers will experience enhanced luxury and a pleasurable travel encounter while aboard our newly introduced Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, marking its inaugural operation on this specific route. We possess a strong belief that this particular place would garner significant popularity among travellers, and we eagerly anticipate augmenting our services in order to adequately cater to the increasing demand.
The airline company, flydubai, has expanded its extensive network to encompass over 115 destinations across 53 countries. These destinations include regions such as Africa, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Central and South-Eastern Europe, the GCC, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent.

Please provide the specific details regarding the flight.

Commencing on October 28, 2023, there will be a daily operation of flights from Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport to Sphinx International Airport.
The cost of round-trip business class tickets from Dubai to Sphinx begins at 5,500 dirhams, while light economy class tickets start at 1,250 dirhams. The cost of round-trip business class tickets from Sphinx to Dubai begins at 32,500 Egyptian pounds, while the costs for light economy class tickets start at 9,400 Egyptian pounds.

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