Urgent Emirates announces a deduction of traffic points for the committed

In a motivating move, the Federal Traffic Council stated that participants in the nationwide campaign "A Day Without Accidents" that the Council started at the start of the new academic year would get a reduction of four black traffic points.

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And he added that in addition to not recording any traffic violations or accidents in this, it is necessary to sign the pledge related to the initiative, which is accessible via the link that was announced on social media accounts, the websites of the Ministry of Interior, and the general commands of the police, to receive the discount, provided that he does not commit a violation or accident on August 28, 2023. Let's work together to make today "A day without accidents" and inspire and motivate everyone to spread this day so that every day is free from traffic infractions and accidents.
Brigadier General Engineer Hussain Ahmed Al-Harthy, the chairman of the Federal Traffic Council, explained that the Council announced this initiative as an encouragement to the public and a reminder of the importance of this day as a public occasion invested to enhance awareness and participation in this national traffic initiative, which falls within the initiatives of the traffic sector in the country.

The initiative "A Day Without Accidents"

Everyone is encouraged to take part in promoting awareness and obeying traffic regulations, which must be a long-term commitment and an all-encompassing strategy, he added.
He asked the public to participate because doing so was linked to rewarding people who were dedicated to registering 4 black traffic points against them.
We hope that the "day without accidents" will be a continuation of the related efforts made by the relevant authorities in the nation to achieve the vision of the wise leadership of the country and the goals of sustainable development. We work in a unified work system, and its goal is to realize the vision of the United Arab Emirates.

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