Urgent: Dubai Police, a traffic violation exposes you to a fine of 50,000 dirhams and 23 traffic points.

During the initial seven-month period of this year, the occurrence of 51 traffic accidents in Dubai may be attributed to the violation of disregarding a red traffic signal. These incidents tragically led to the loss of two lives and caused varied degrees of harm to 73 individuals.

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According to the Director of the General Traffic Department at Dubai Police, a total of 855 vehicles were confiscated for violating the red light signal, with 13,876 violations being issued during the specified time frame. It is worth noting that the Federal Traffic Law stipulates a penalty of 1,000 dirhams for this offense, along with a vehicle impoundment period of 30 days and 12 days. The concept of traffic congestion.
The individual explained that the regulations outlined in Decree No. 30 of the Emirate of Dubai about the impoundment of vehicles are currently being enforced against drivers who engage in reckless behavior such as running red lights and posing a threat to the safety of others. As a consequence, these drivers are subject to a fine of 50,000 dirhams and the accumulation of 23 "black" traffic points.

The act of crossing a red light is a violation.

The speaker emphasized that the act of disregarding a red traffic light is a highly significant infraction, as it entails engaging in unpredictable conduct amidst other motorists who are adhering to the customary rules of intersection navigation, with the traffic signals displaying a green indication. Consequently, it becomes arduous for these law-abiding drivers to evade a sudden intrusion by an individual who abruptly crosses their path from the roadway. The converse augments the likelihood of significant incidents transpiring.
The individual highlighted the importance of being mindful of the signal's position well in advance, as this infraction commonly arises due to two factors: either the driver's inadequate education and lack of understanding regarding safe driving practices at the signal, necessitating heightened attention, or the driver's failure to refrain from accelerating when approaching a green or yellow signal, coupled with reckless behavior. Furthermore, there is a sense of urgency.
The individual highlighted that certain drivers increase their velocity while approaching a traffic signal when they observe it displaying a green or yellow indication. This conduct is deemed inappropriate as there is a possibility that the signal may transition to a red indication before they have crossed the intersection, hence subjecting them to potential traffic violations or accidents.
According to the speaker, it is recommended to follow a safe approach when approaching a traffic signal. This involves reducing speed, maintaining attentiveness, and overtaking at a suitable velocity that adheres to the designated speed limit. By doing so, the driver can ensure the ability to halt the vehicle promptly in case overtaking is not possible within the duration of the green traffic signal. The speaker emphasizes that exercising patience and waiting for a few extra seconds or minutes is unquestionably preferable to engaging in a hazardous violation. Alternatively, it may result in an accident.

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