Urgent Dubai: Launching a new group of services from Dubai Taxi via (DTC)

The Roads and Transport Authority-affiliated Dubai Taxi Corporation recently unveiled the inclusion of four technologically advanced services to its existing range of services accessible through the Corporation's digital application, known as the DTC App.

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This aligns with the digital transformation strategy implemented by Dubai Taxi, as well as its pioneering initiatives in delivering secure and sustainable digital transportation services. These efforts aim to make a significant contribution towards strengthening the transportation sector's prominent global standing within the Emirate of Dubai.
According to Abdullah Ibrahim Al Meer, the Director of the Digital Transformation and Commercial Development Department at the Dubai Taxi Corporation, the introduction of these services serves as a validation of the Corporation's endeavours in advancing its intelligent services. These efforts align with the guidance of the astute leadership, which aims to bolster the digital transformation process and utilise it to benefit the community and improve its overall welfare. The Corporation is at the forefront of utilising innovation in its smart services, adhering to the most stringent international benchmarks in delivering optimal digital services, and persistently enhancing its performance to attain strategic objectives focused on providing transport services in an inventive, exceptional, digital, and sustainable manner to enhance individual satisfaction.
The corporation offers a range of services, one of which is the "hourly limousine reservation" service. This service is considered a luxury offering in Dubai and is intended to cater to the requirements of Dubai residents, tourists, entrepreneurs, and various stakeholders in the tourism sector, including hotels, tour operators, airlines, and government or private institutions. This service offers the convenience of uninterrupted travel and the flexibility to accommodate several destinations without requiring customers to make intermediate stops or define a fixed endpoint. Customers have the ability to direct the driver to travel to various locations based on their individual requirements. This service is well-suited for individuals engaged in business activities, as it allows them to conveniently reserve a single limousine to facilitate their attendance at several meetings, with the added flexibility of making multiple stops as needed. This service is provided to customers around the clock, seven days a week, facilitating their business journeys by offering a convenient and efficient means of transportation. By consolidating their excursions into a single vehicle, customers can save time, effort, and expenses.
The Corporation has introduced a service called the "Lost and Found Service," which allows customers to retrieve their lost possessions during their trip. This can be done by either contacting the driver directly or utilising the "Request the Return of Lost Items" feature in the trip report accessible through the Corporation's digital application (DTC App) to initiate communication and arrange for the return of the lost item.

The services provided by Dubai Taxi.

Dubai Taxi has expanded its range of services offered via its smart application. One such service is the "Meet me here" feature, which enables customers to conveniently share their exact location with friends in order to facilitate meeting at a designated destination. Additionally, the "Share my trip status" service allows customers to share updates on their journey with others. The individual communicates the progress of their journey to their family or friends, providing them with precise information regarding the itinerary, route, and anticipated arrival time.
Al-Meer stated that the Corporation is committed to enhancing its operational procedures in a sustainable manner. This includes the implementation of an innovative digital service model, the wider adoption of artificial intelligence and smart systems, process automation, and investment in cutting-edge technological advancements. The ultimate goal is to provide transportation services that adhere to the highest international standards in a distinctive, innovative, and digital manner. These effort
The Dubai Taxi Corporation provides a diverse array of digital services via its smart application, known as the "DTC App." This application enables customers to conveniently and innovatively book limousines using advanced technologies. These technologies ensure that the process of requesting different transportation services is characterised by efficiency and precision.

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