Urgent.. Dubai announces new health measures for citizens and residents

The Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services has officially acknowledged the receipt of 710 reports during the recent period of rainfall experienced in the country. These reports have documented a total of 813 injuries, categorized as light, moderate, and serious. This figure represents a notable rise of 12.26% compared to the average number of injuries recorded on regular days.

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The business provided an explanation on the development of a contingency plan to address potential consequences of rainfall. This strategy was established based on meteorological reports and involved the immediate activation of eight more emergency sites. As a result, the total number of emergency points in the Emirate of Dubai now stands at 139, strategically placed around the region. Additionally, the "telemedicine" service was activated.

According to Mishal Julfar, the Executive Director of the Foundation, additional resources have been mobilized to address the weather situation. These resources aim to support emergency response operations, alleviate the burden on hospitals, and provide on-site medical assistance for less complex cases. The telemedicine service is being utilized for this purpose. Julfar also mentioned that the operating room has received reports of diverse cases, including those categorized as simple, moderate, and severe.

The speaker emphasized that Dubai Ambulance operates as part of a comprehensive emergency team that collaborates with relevant stakeholders to monitor the consequences of weather conditions and promptly respond to any emergencies. According to Julphar, the Corporation has implemented a comprehensive preparedness plan by mobilizing emergency personnel and deploying advanced mechanisms to handle diverse situations. Additionally, the Corporation has enhanced the readiness level of emergency personnel, such as doctors, emergency medicine technicians, paramedics, and ambulance operators, who are available round the clock. Julphar emphasizes the significance of collaboration between the Foundation and its strategic partners, including Dubai Police, Health and Civil Defense Authority, Roads and Transport Authority, and Dubai Academic Health Foundation, in order to prioritize the well-being of patients and injured individuals. It is worth noting that the Corporation has demonstrated prompt and accurate response to reports received from the operating room. The individual urged all members of society to exercise prudence amidst the surge of weather changes and to operate vehicles in a safe manner until the circumstances stabilize, with the aim of safeguarding their well-being.

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