Urgent: Dubai announces a new application for Dubai courts to pay fines and end the ban on leaving

The government of the Emirate of Dubai is always eager to provide all services required by citizens and residents alike within the emirate with great speed, accuracy, and ease, and among the most prominent of these services are court services in Dubai, so the Dubai e-Courts application was launched, allowing everyone to benefit from court services with ease. It is happy that the Public Prosecution in Dubai has introduced the "smart payment of fines" service, which allows parties condemned to a fine in criminal cases to pay, acquire a stop search, and automatically lift the ban on travel or departure once the verdict is delivered.

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During the previous year, the total number of absentee judgments issued in Dubai reached 2,080 judgments, with an execution rate of 63%.

According to the Public Prosecution Office in Dubai, the smart payment service for penalties will expedite the procedures for enforcing judgments in absentia and boost the pace of execution.

According to default judgment statistics, the average duration for execution is 34 days, with 59% of judgments being executed in absentia within 15 working days.

According to Shamsa Salem Al-Marri, Director of the Strategy and Institutional Excellence Department and Head of the Service Improvement Team, the smart payment service for fines is a proactive digital channel added to the package of prosecution services in line with the 360 services policy, which represents an integrated digital system that meets the aspirations of customers, and all sectors and institutions compete to provide it.

She continued, "The service allows the payment of fines for criminal judgments in presence, in absentia, and legal presence, for the stages of litigation (primary, appeal, cassation) through electronic and smart channels, and enables the customer to cancel the arrest warrant and stop searching in coordination with Dubai Police."

Al-Marri confirmed that the service would be reflected on the customers and meet their expectations and needs by reducing their presence at the Public Prosecution headquarters to announce the default judgment and pay the fines, as well as facilitating the payment process and related procedures, through the use of smart and digital means that reduce time and effort and save trouble in going to the service personally. searching, and lifting the travel ban.

Payment methods are accessible through the app.

In terms of the process for acquiring the smart payment service for fines, it is mentioned that the customer can pay the fine amount in three distinct ways. Then, with ease, pay the fine electronically.

She pointed out that the third method is represented by payment devices that are spread in different places, and can accept banknotes of all denominations, with a paper of each denomination in each payment process until the full amount of the fine is paid, or through electronic payment by cards.
The third method is represented in the website of the Public Prosecution, where the customer can log in using the digital identity, and pay the fine electronically. After making the smart payment of the fines incurred by any of the three methods, he receives a text message from the Public Prosecution stating the success of the payment process and the cancellation of the arrest warrant. And stop searching for him immediately, and when the verdict becomes final, the ban on leaving will be lifted and the police will be notified to stop searching and lift the ban on leaving.

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