Urgent Dubai: A famous Filipino restaurant caught fire

A well-known Filipino dining establishment, Dampa Seafood Grill located in Deira, has been compelled to temporarily close its doors in the aftermath of a fire incident that occurred on Tuesday.

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Temporary Closure of Well-Known Filipino Restaurant in Deira

An unplanned fire broke out on Tuesday, forcing the popular Filipino restaurant Dampa Seafood Grill, located in the thriving Deira sector, to temporarily close its doors. The management of the restaurant has been forced by the incident, which took place at the Centurion Star Tower, to indicate that it is 'temporarily closed' on its Google listing until further notice.

Local restaurateur Rolly Brucales, the proprietor of Zutto Suki Ramen neighboring the affected eatery, recounted the aftermath of the fire. Brucales revealed that the blaze had also caused damage to several nearby restaurants. Arriving for a meeting at his establishment just before 8am, he was met with the sight of a cordoned-off area and the fire having been successfully extinguished.

Despite the swift response to the fire incident, an official report regarding its origin and cause is yet to be released. Authorities are diligently investigating the circumstances that led to the outbreak to ascertain the exact factors involved. While no official statements have been issued, local speculation is rife about the cause of the fire, fueling curiosity and concern within the community.

As Dampa Seafood Grill and its fellow establishments await the conclusion of the investigation, Deira's culinary scene experiences a temporary void, leaving patrons and neighboring business owners with a palpable sense of anticipation for the restaurant's eventual reopening and the disclosure of the fire's underlying causes.

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