‏Urgent.. An important notice from the Abu Dhabi Judiciary and a warning against a misleading audio recording

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department attested to the veracity of the communication ascribed to it concerning the deposit of large amounts of money in execution files. The message was sent to the beneficiary of the funds in accordance with the information stored in the electronic system.

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The department clarified that the audio clip that is being shared on social media platforms with the message is false, unfounded, and does not belong to the deposit beneficiary.

The Judicial Department emphasised that the appropriate legal actions will be taken against the individual who released the recording of my deceptive voice and urged the public to be truthful and refrain from spreading such rumours on social media.

On the other side, the Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court decided that an employee who had embezzled money had to give the firm back 10,000 +/- dirhams. The plaintiffs claimed that 59 thousand and 319 dirhams had been embezzled in total, but the court dismissed their claim because there was insufficient proof in the litigation documents to support their claims. You assert it. In the specifics, an employer brought legal action against a worker, demanding that he reimburse it for 59,319 dirhams, as well as 10,000 dirhams in damages, plus legal interest at 9% until the entire amount owed is paid. Additionally, the employer asked that he pay fees and other costs associated with the lawsuit. The legal company stated that he was employed by it and had embezzled the claim's amount; he was found guilty of a crime for this.

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