Urgent: Abu Dhabi Police warns of new methods of setting up fake advertisements on the Internet

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has urged people not to be misled into phony offers to sell currencies at lower rates that are either falsified or come from suspicious sources.

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The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department urges members of society not to be misled by these fraudulent advertisements and offers, and to instead transact through the official channels of institutions and exchange companies licenced in the country, as well as to avoid communicating with promoters of counterfeit currencies to avoid legal repercussions.

The greatest site for selling outdated currencies differs depending on the services and benefits offered by each site. Many people are increasingly interested in buying and selling old currencies, as it is considered one of the most common types of trade in all parts of the Arab world, as this trade yields huge profits, particularly if a person buys currencies at low prices and then sells them at a higher price, due to increased demand for these currencies.

The best place to sell antique coins

If you wish to sell ancient coins, it is advisable to do so in your home country to avoid customs issues and to make it easier to communicate with locals. There is also a rise in demand for old coins in the local market.
Furthermore, many people who sell old coins do not trust foreign buyers since problems may arise due to the termination of the agreement or the return, which may impose high fees on the seller instead of profits.
If you want to sell ancient currencies in a Facebook group or on a local social network, be sure it is trustworthy and that there are individuals who want to buy these currencies rather than scammers. After some research, it was discovered that the "Opensooq" website has a particular section for selling ancient currencies, so you may log in and list your old coins for sale on it. Many countries, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Libya, Sudan, Emirates, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen, Mauritania, Bahrain, Qatar, and the Sultanate of Oman, have access to this website in Ara

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