‏Urgent Abu Dhabi: Police provide two options to reduce traffic fines

The General Command of Abu Dhabi Police asked drivers to take advantage of the facilities, savings, and services that come with paying traffic tickets early. This was done as part of its strategy goal to improve the happiness of society and the speed and quality of services to the public.

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"Initiate and benefit" initiative

The Directorate of Traffic and Patrols said that the "Initiate and Benefit" initiative aims to make it easier for drivers and encourage vehicle owners to pay traffic fines in installments over the course of a year. It also wants to make more people aware of the benefits of paying traffic fines early, such as not having to pay more and not having the fines go up in value.

Abu Dhabi's police
Abu Dhabi's police

Benefit from installment violations

She said that the initiative has two options. The first is a 35% discount on the violation if it is paid within the first 60 days from the date of the violation, except for serious violations. The second is a 25% discount when paying after 60 days and up to one year from the release of the violation. It is also possible to pay the violation in installments. Through banks with no interest for a year, as long as the credit card comes from a bank that has a deal with the Abu Dhabi Police General Command.

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