Urgent Abu Dhabi: Obligating employers to pay employees’contributions

The Abu Dhabi Retirement Fund announced that it would preserve the rights of citizens to be paid retirement contributions on time by employers in order to avoid paying additional amounts resulting from any delay in payment and stressed the provision of flexible payment methods that do not require any time or effort from the employer.

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The Abu Dhabi Retirement Fund confirmed that employers are obligated to pay the fund’s pension obligations on behalf of the insured, during various vacation periods, or if the insured is absent from work, while the employer reserves the right to seek recourse against the insured for the amounts paid on his behalf.
The Fund specified that contributions are due to be paid by the employer within one month, and the payment period may be extended until the twentieth day of the following month, provided that these contributions are non-refundable, stressing that if employers are late in paying contributions beyond the specified date, additional amounts will be paid At a rate of (0.1%) of the due subscriptions for each day of delay until the payment date, without warning or warning.
He pointed out that the payment preserves the rights of the insured and the rights of his family to the insurance benefits provided by the Fund, calling on workers in the private sector to be regular in paying the dues, through the data available and registered with the “ Tamm” platform on the specified dates.
The Fund stressed the importance of updating the data of the insured and employees, especially those in the private sector, registered with the Fund, through the Fund&rsquo's website, as well as updating subscriptions and variables data regularly.

How to communicate in the event of business closure:

The Fund indicated the need for the employer to communicate in cases of closure of the entity or merger with the Fund and inform it through letters and submit official requests, so that assistance can be provided to the entity through the Fund&rsquo's services in settling its situation and providing the procedures that it must take to guarantee its legal rights and preserve the rights of the citizens working for it. This procedure is to avoid any additional amounts or damages to the parties.

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