United Arab Emirates announces a 3-day holiday in September for all residents

The UAE will have one more long weekend in the second half of this year for its people

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Residents and professionals in the UAE may look forward to having a three-day holiday weekend in September as a way to remember the birth of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). This will take place during the month of September.

The official website of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) indicates that the holiday will be observed on Friday, September 29, of this year. When added to the typical weekend days of Saturday and Sunday, this will provide for a lengthy three-day weekend in total.

One more extended weekend in the UAE in 2023.

When we fast forward to later in the year, we can see that the festivities of the UAE National Day will take place on December 2; as a result, there will be yet another public holiday brought about by this event. The nation will be celebrating its National Day for the 52nd time this year, which also happens to be the nation's birthday.

Due to the fact that this holiday falls on the anniversary of the founding of the UAE, it is a particularly joyous event that calls for the entire country to come together in celebration.

United Arab Emirates announces a 3-day holiday

In addition, December 2 will fall on a Friday this year, which means that residents will have the option to look forward to taking an additional day off work while they are enjoying their long weekend.

In the second part of this year, the citizens of the UAE will get to enjoy one additional three-day weekend than usual.

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