UAE: UK Expat Strikes Gold with Dh1 Million in Mahzooz Draw

The father of two claims that he is still getting used to his unexpected windfall and has not yet told his family that he is a millionaire.

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Expat's Lucky Streak Continues with 13th Mahzooz Win

In a stroke of remarkable luck, Kristofer, a 36-year-old UK expat residing in the UAE, has clinched his 13th Mahzooz win, scoring a substantial Dh1 million on August 27, 2023.

Despite his enviable millionaire status, Kristofer is keeping the news under wraps, choosing to absorb the life-changing windfall privately. Still adjusting to his newfound fortune, he acknowledges the power of participation, stating, "You can't win if you're not in it," highlighting his regular involvement in Mahzooz draws.

Another devoted Mahzooz player, Seng-Boon, has also struck it rich once more. This Singaporean expat won Dh1 million in 2021 and, in the most recent draw, he is one of 19 lucky winners who will split Dh200,000.

Reflecting on his triumph, Seng-Boon expresses his disbelief at winning yet again after his initial millionaire achievement in 2021. With gratitude, he attributes Mahzooz to the transformative impact on his life and affirms his continued engagement in the draws. He enthuses, "Mahzooz has changed my life in so many ways, which is why I continued to participate, and I'm delighted to have won again."

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