UAE Eliminates licences of two domestic worker recruitment agencies

The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has taken decisive action by revoking the licences of two domestic worker recruitment agencies, Shamma Al Mahairi Domestic Workers Services Centre in Dubai and Al Barq Domestic Workers Services Centre L.L.C in Ajman.

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Two Agencies in Dubai and Ajman Lose Licences for Law Violations

This move comes as a response to what the ministry termed as "legal violations," although the specific nature of these violations has not been disclosed in detail.

The MoHRE's statement emphasized the need for these agencies to address their obligations towards both domestic workers and their employers, in addition to settling the status of their workers. It further noted that these agencies are required to pay any fines that may be due up to the date of licence cancellation.

Commitment to Protecting Rights

The federal law on hiring domestic help, implemented in December of the previous year, is intended to regulate the employment of domestic workers in the UAE. It mandates that both Emiratis and expatriates seeking domestic help services must exclusively engage with MoHRE-approved domestic worker recruitment agencies, which are listed on the ministry's website. The aim is to ensure the rights and well-being of both domestic workers and employers, as well as to standardize pricing within the sector.

Federal Law on Domestic Help Hiring

In line with this law, the MoHRE underlines its supervisory role over licensed domestic worker recruitment agencies throughout the UAE, ensuring that they operate under clear regulations and systems. These regulations are designed to safeguard the rights of all parties involved, maintaining transparency and accountability in the recruitment process.

The ministry also issued a stern warning to residents against engaging with unlicensed offices, emphasizing that such actions carry legal consequences. By limiting interactions to licensed agencies, individuals can help ensure that the domestic worker recruitment process adheres to established standards, protecting the rights and interests of both employers and workers.

Licence Suspension for Violations

To obtain a licence, domestic worker recruitment agencies must meet specific criteria, which include adhering to prescribed regulations, providing accurate information, and submitting the required documents. Any violations of these conditions or the provision of incorrect information or documents can lead to the suspension of the agency's licence.

To further strengthen its oversight and enforcement capabilities, the MoHRE invites customers to provide feedback on domestic worker recruitment agencies. This feedback mechanism, facilitated through the ministry's call centre at 600590000, encourages residents to report any issues or concerns they may encounter during the recruitment process.

Moreover, The UAE's commitment to regulating the domestic worker recruitment sector reflects its dedication to protecting the rights and well-being of domestic workers and employers. Revoking the licences of agencies found in violation of the law underscores the government's commitment to upholding the highest standards in this important sector while encouraging transparency and accountability.

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