UAE to Witness Blue Super Moon Tonight

Those captivated by celestial wonders will need to exercise patience, as this extraordinary event is not set to reappear for another decade or more.

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Super Blue Moon

The anticipated Super Blue Moon is not about a change in lunar color, but rather a heightened brightness and size. The term "Blue Moon" denotes two full Moons occurring within the same calendar month, while a Supermoon refers to the Moon being at its closest point to Earth, known as perigee. Tonight, these dual celestial events will coincide, resulting in what's known as a "Super Blue Moon."

Insights from an Astronomical Authority Engr. Mohammed Shaukat Awad, director of the International Astronomy Centre, revealed that the Moon's increased size will be most noticeable during sunrise and sunset. He cautioned against misconceptions about the event, clarifying that the term "blue" pertains to the occurrence of a second full Moon within a calendar month, not a change in its color.

The Supermoon's Definition and Occurrence

Ibrahim Al Jorwan, a member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, offered further clarification. He explained that a Supermoon happens when the full Moon aligns with its closest point to Earth, occurring three or four times annually. At this point, known as perigee, the Moon's apparent size increases by approximately 15% compared to its farthest position, apogee, which is around 404,000 km away.

A Celestial Rarity

Don't miss the opportunity to witness tonight's extraordinary celestial display, as the next occurrence of a Super Blue Moon won't take place until 2037.

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