UAE: Program Aids Al Neyadi Re-Adaptation to Earth Gravity announced

Sultan Al Neyadi, an astronaut from the United Arab Emirates, is getting ready to land on the planet after spending six months in the International Space Station (ISS). Al Neyadi will receive specialist therapy and training to help him adjust to Earth's gravity. This procedure is crucial since astronauts frequently face a variety of physical difficulties when readjusting to Earth's circumstances after lengthy space missions.

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UAE Astronaut Prepares for Reentry and Recovery

After spending six months on the International Space Station (ISS), UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi is scheduled to land on the planet. A recovery procedure to readjust his body to gravity is started in anticipation of his homecoming, which is expected to occur Monday morning off the coast of Florida. Astronauts' health may be negatively impacted by prolonged spaceflight in a number of ways.

Recovery Program After Space Mission

After landing, Al Neyadi will undergo a recovery program in Houston, Texas, similar to those completed by NASA astronauts following extended missions. Astronauts in space exercise for at least two hours daily to counteract muscle and bone weakening, which can complicate readjustment to gravity.

The recovery plan focuses on physiotherapy, rehabilitation, resistance training, stretching, and balance improvement to ensure a smooth transition back to life on Earth.

Understanding Space-Related Health Challenges

While Al Neyadi experienced temporary side effects like facial swelling due to shifts in body fluids, astronauts with longer stays have faced more serious consequences. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, after a 340-day stint on the ISS, exhibited changes in eyesight, height, and overall health. His heart shrunk by 25%, and he grew taller than his twin brother. Al Neyadi will return to the UAE for celebrations in his honor before continuing debriefing and experiments in the US.

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