UAE police arrest a gang specialized in telephone and financial fraud

The UAE police managed to arrest a gang specializing in telephone and financial fraud after they stole the bank data of a resident of the country and seized his money.

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Police in the United Arab Emirates have arrested a gang that specializes in financial and telephone fraud.

After stealing the bank information of a citizen of the UAE and seizing his funds, the police in the UAE were able to successfully apprehend a criminal organization that specialized in telephone and financial fraud.

An electronic fraud gang was arrested that stole bank accounts in the UAE

An electronic fraud ring that had been stealing from bank accounts in the UAE has been broken up, A report that was given to the Ras Al Khaimah Police Operations Room by an Asian resident revealed that he had been a victim of telephone fraud, and 120,000 dirhams had been stolen from his bank account, after giving him the CVV card's secret number and the one-time password (OTP) to a fictitious bank representative, which revealed the mystery about the presence of a gang consisting of seven individuals residing in one of the emirates of the country, specialized in technological

An official statement regarding electronic fraud gangs in the Emirates

An official statement regarding criminal organizations in the Emirates that commit electronic fraud, During a press conference that was held yesterday in the meeting room of the General Command of Ras Al Khaimah Police, the Acting Director General of Police Operations in Ras Al Khaimah Police, Brigadier General Tariq Muhammad bin Saif, stated in greater detail that the operations room had received a communication from an Asian resident stating that he had been subjected to telephone fraud from a person. The communication was received in the same room where the press conference was held. He pretended to be a bank representative, obtained his banking information and the password, and directly withdrew 120,000 dirhams from his account. He confirmed that the gang had been reached and arrested in cooperation with the Sharjah Police General Command, and that they possessed a large number of bank cards of people involved with them, from outside the country, along with sums of money they seized from their suspicious operations. He stated that the competent authority would investigate the matter, and he said that the competent authority would investigate

The police explain the method of electronic fraud against bank account holders

The method of using technology to commit fraud against bank account holders is broken down by the police, He explained that members of the gang sign their victims by calling them or sending them fake text messages, in which they inform them of the need to renew their personal banking data by tricking them into freezing their bank accounts, if they do not renew their data, which leads to the victims falling into their network that later seizes their money, and he added that some people responded to the gang members and gave them the bank data and the password, so they seized their money. He explained that this leads to the victims falling into their network.

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